TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Will Chuck Potthast Forgive Andrei Castravet Cursing Out Elizabeth?

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Tell-All’ spoilers indicate that Andrei, in that clip where he was telling Libby to get in the car, we have to admit he looked pretty bad. Libby was still in tears over it, and Chuck and Charlie are still pretty angry over it.

But the thing is, now that we’ve seen how the season has played out and watched Andrei come forward and apologize to Chuck – it begs the question, will they ever get over it? Yes, it looked horrible for him to curse at Libby in the parking lot and order him around but, in thise case, I think Debbie would be right.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Tell-All’ Spoilers- Will the Potthasts ever get over it?

Chuck, Charlie, and Jenn all push Andrei to his limit. They expect him not to defend himself when they’re picking at him or asking questions that he deems uncomfortable. It would be one thing if they had asked why he left Moldova back in the states, but they were in Moldova when they asked and according to what we know, he left the police job because otherwise he said that the cops there were going to set him up.

Set him up for what, I have no idea, but being set up as a cop, especially now since we know that the Moldovan police force can be bribed, doesn’t really sound all that safe. Maybe he’s keeping quiet for the family’s protection.

Libby had no idea about the peasant food remark and seemed really embarassed about it when they played that clip back. I’m amazed she didn’t know about that considering how loudly her family voiced their displeasure at literally everything in Moldova but I think she wasn’t exactly present for that one.

Either way, the family Potthast acts like Andrei owes them something, I’m sure if he walked up to Chuck and Charlie right now and asked them if he could write them a check for the price of the wedding, all would be forgiven, or at least 98% of it would.

They’re very salty about the money thing, but Andrei paid for a lot of the first one with his savings from Ireland, according to Libby, so I seriously don’t see what the problem is. Also, this Moldavian wedding was lit so Chuck can’t say that he didn’t get a lot of bang for his buck. Charlie and Jenn should stop whining about things already. Stay tuned!!!

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