Kylie Jenner Has A BIG Message About the US Presidential Election!

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Unlike Tana Mongeau who actively endorsed a candidate and then promised free booty pics for those people who did actively vote for that Candidate as long as they sent her their ballot selfie (and could very well be facing jailtime in 21 states for that!), Kylie Jenner encouraged her fans to vote too, via her IG, but Kylie went about things in an arguably smarter way.

She posted a bikini selfie with the caption, “But are you registered to vote? Click the link in my bio. Let’s make a plan to vote together.” she got a lot of comments saying “All of a sudden, I want to vote.”

Kylie Jenner encourages people to get out and vote

Some of you may laugh and roll your eyes, but the fact of the matter is, this tactic worked. The Hill, an online voter registration verification tool said that there was a phenomenal surge in registration after Kylie posted her link! This surge was not just a mere 100% either, it was a 1500% surge! Wow, so, Kylie’s clever tactic clearly worked.

Chris Evans did a similar thing on instagram when he accidentally leaked his own nudes in a video. It was a screenshot of his phone which showed his camera roll and on that camera roll was a picture of the goods! Even thought the video was quickly deleted, all of his followers had already seen it so the point was kind of moot. Those nudes launched 1,000 reaction memes, so Evans took the opportunity to go to Twitter and say, “Now that I have your attention: Vote Nov. 3rd!”

However not all celebrities know how to politicize things well. Lilli Reinhart is a prime example of that, she recently tried to politicize her feelings about the Breonna Taylor situation by posting a semi-nude photograph of herself by saying, “Now that my side boob has your attention, Breonna Taylor’s murderers have not been arrested. Demand justice.” which may have had good intentions behind it but came off as incredibly tone deaf and got a lot of backlash from her followers.

She took to twitter to apologize in a series of tweets, and it looks like her apology was largely accepted because everyone seems to be largely okay with her now.

Maybe she could give Tana Mongeau tips on how to apologize convincingly because whomever taught her how to before obviously didn’t do that great of a job explaining. Perhaps they could start by apologizing to youtube beause Tana Mongeau’s youtube verified check has been taken away after her whole “booty for Biden” hashtag thing on twitter. Then once youtube buys it then she could test her new apology skills out on her regular audience. Stay tuned!!!

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