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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) Believes In Aliens, Says He Had Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind!

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers tells that recently on Freddie Smith’s youtube show, fellow DAYS Co-Star Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Roberts) went into detail about how he believes in aliens and how he has actually had close encounters of the third kind!

He said that after he got the job on DAYS in 1993, he was in Culver City and he had just went to bed. He thought he was having a dream where he looked out the window and saw grey beings outside, then he said they floated through his window, through his fishtank, and into his room. An effect that he thought was pretty cool.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Bryan Datillo’s close encounters of the 3rd kind

He said that he was led to a futuristic looking room, where the furniture was all attached to the wall. Then they brought little baby aliens to him! Yes, that’s right folks, baby aliens! And apparently there were other humans in the room that were awaiting the same treatment, although he didn’t say who these other humans were.

He said the baby aliens were at first a little reluctant to approach him, but that once they got comfortable, the baby hugged him. The freakiest part was that he said that this baby alien had no whites in its eyes! Eeek! The eyes rightfully freaked him out and that’s when he ‘woke up’.

The most awkward part about this is, he said that when he woke up that his pants were around his ankles and that he was sweating like he had just went for a 5K run. He then said he called his Mom and who wouldn’t after a dream like that, only to find that she had had a dream about him coming to her door and bringing her that same baby alien with the black eyes!

In the dream she was freaked out and wouldn’t let it in her house though. He theorizes that there a lots of species of aliens on earth and that we may be a part of some alien/human hybrid breeding program. He mentioned three species by name, greys, nordic aliens (a tall alien that wears blonde wigs) and Reptilians.

NBC ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Oh yeah, he went there.

He went onto say that Aliens are dimensional beings and can float down from the 4th, 5th, or even 6th dimensions in order to be here on earth in the 3rd dimension with us. He said that a lot of them have facilities deep underground and that now the United States space force has UFOs as well and that might be some of the ones that we’re seeing.

Using that general term of “we’re” very loosely here because some of us haven’t seen any UFOs. To hear him talk it sounds like he has more than one story, maybe the writers should get with him and have a whole new angle for DOOL. Stay tuned!!!

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