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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Big Update On John Aniston’s (Victor Kiriakis) Future On DOOL!

‘Days Of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers indicate John Aniston and his celebrity daughter, Jennifer Aniston, were at odds. In fact, back in the Friends heyday we didn’t actually hear much about their relationship as Father and Daughter.

Me personally, I didn’t find out until several seasons in that she was the daughter of the DOOL vet, but it seems that quarantine has brought these two closer, and we’re all glad for that. 2020 would be the time to repair relationships if there ever was one.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Aniston’s future DOOL scenes to be filmed at home

It looks like Jen and initially forgiven her Dad for leaving the family a long time ago, but over the years they had still had disagreements. However these days, the father daughter conversations run long and deep, and boy is John thrilled to have Jen back in his life. So that is why Jen told her Dad that in order to remain safe, that he needed to talk to producers about filming his DOOL scenes from home from now on.

With Aniston’s advancing age and ailing health, it was decided by producers that this was indeed the best decision. After all, they’ve had a lot of people leave, a lot of veteran actors who were valuable assets to the show, a lot of recasts, and the last thing they want is someone leaving due to the fact they don’t feel safe on-set.

So the new plan is to have Aniston’s scene partners COVID-tested beforehand and then chauffered out to his house for filming. This actually sounds like a great idea, and all of us fans are glad that we don’t have to get used to a new Victor after all these years, no one could quite bring to the table what Aniston does in the role, so we’re glad that we get to keep him.

Since his scenes are now going to be filmed at home, we wonder just how or if the look of the Kiriakis mansion set is going to change or if it’s going to remain the same, or perhaps they’re going to use some greenscreen technology to put him in the Kiriakis mansion while simultaneously filming in the Aniston home.

Production-wise, it’s a little fascinating as to how they’re going to handle this. Although, I have no doubt they’ll think of something very innovative, after all, the time jump worked. So we’re eager to see how this goes. Stay tuned!!!

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