Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke & Duchess of Sussex, Permanently Blocked By The Cambridges (Prince William & Kate Middleton)? British Royal Family WAR

British Royal Family News suggests that the block that Prince William and Kate Middleton apparently put on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be a permanent one. That’s because there’s a new report that suggests the Cambridges want nothing to do with the Sussexes in the wake of Megxit and all of the hurtful things that have been suggested by the British media and of course, the fall out between royal brothers William and Harry. Here’s what you need to know.

In a new interview with the Daily Beast, royal author and expert Robert Lacey says that the Cambridges don’t want to reconcile with the Sussexes, even though they are still family. That’s because there has been too much damage and too much hurt caused between them for anything to ever be the same way again.

British Royal Family News: Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Permanently Blocked By The Cambridges?

Lacey puts it this way, “I used to be optimistic of some sort of reconciliation. I am less so now. I am actually coming to feel that it actually suits William and Kate quite well to have Harry and Meghan off the territory. You know it’s the old, ‘This town is too small for both of us’ syndrome. William and Kate are determinedly stepping into the void that Harry has left.”

Lacey also believes that when Meghan Markle first came onto the scene, William and Kate couldn’t help but feel jealous over her and all of the attention that she received from the press at the time.

He puts it this way, “Everything was going well with the magic threesome of William and Kate and Harry, with Harry playing the subordinate backup role, and then along comes Meghan. She made Harry realize the reality of this subordinate role. Then they become the royal superstars, the royal rock stars, and the Fab Four rapidly disintegrates under the pressure of the competition for celebrity and attention and affection that Harry and Meghan create. William’s possible jealousy has never been voiced, but Ken Wharfe (Diana’s personal protection officer), for example, told me he always got the feeling that William had a jealousy of the lovable rogue affection that Harry generated.”

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