’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: David Murphey’s Ukrainian Beauty Lana SHOCKS On Cameo, Knows How To Speak English – Say What?

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’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers reveal that David Murphey had a girlfriend named Lana whom everyone made fun of him for because we all thought she was non-existent or that maybe he was just being fooled by a chatbot all along?

Yeah, that David. Well as it turns out Lana did exist and when they did meet for the first time it was decidedly awkward. She was just not that into him,  But then again that part was not so surprising., it only took her 5 times to actually have the guts to meet him anyway.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Lana has a cameo and is speaking english – say what?!

Actually it wasn’t so much a case of guts as it was conflicting interests, shall we say. It was thought for a long time that Lana was actually married and with a son whom she kept referring to as her nephew but that’s never been proven, so, I digress.

However, a big issue that David named was the fact that she couldn’t speak english and that she had to converse with him through the particular app they were using because ir translated things from Russian into English. This app was something that David had to pay to use and you could only get a few hours of chat time per day.

David continually paid hundreds of dollars of his own money to do this each day every day for 6 years. Lana refused to go off rhe app or use any other form of social media with David which made her look suspicious and made him look like the biggest simp ever, but we finally just gave up on David because we determined that on some level he must really like getting crapped on.

Lana however is still as shady as she ever was. Recently she was spotted on cameo, a website where you pay celebrities in order to be able to talk to them, not that Lana is any sort of celebrity but I guess you could say that she is a reality TV star on some level.

On this cameo she is observed speaking English! Remember the thing that was such an issue with David? Yeah, not anymore apparently. Even when she was on the show a few months back, she seemed to be a lot more fluent in Russian than she did in English.

However she did make the mistake of admitting something in her confessional that made her look very questionable, “I like receiving money and gifts.” But when asked how much she thought David had spent on her over the years she immediately got uncomfortable and asked to skip the question.

Cameo is exactly the kind of site that promotes this way of thinking but instead of gifts which apparently can be sent through the dating app that Lana was previously using, this app translates everything easily into straight up cold, hard cash.

She previously said she was uncomfortable speaking English but I guess for the right price Lana is willing to do anything. Well, almost. Apparently she and David aren’t together anymore so I guess that’s one thing we should cross off, eh? Stay tuned!!!

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