Youtuber Tana Marie Mongeau Apologize – Is She Being Fake?

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Okay Tana Marie Mongeau, we get it. You’re sorry. And you’re going on an ‘accountability journey’ which… okay, that’s fair. But… boo, who wrote your apology script? This is not the Tana that we know and have been fans of at all. In fact, if I didn’t know better I’d say she hired a pod-person to come on her channel and say all these pre-scripted words just to appease the masses.

I get that she was trying to come off as official and woke sounding, but we didn’t expect that. What we expected was a sincere, heartfelt apology from Tana, and while it may be sincere and heartfelt on her end, at the end of the day we don’t know someone’s heart until we’ve literally walked in their body, it didn’t come off that way.

YouTube: So… Tana Mongeau apologizes

It came off as scripted, rehearsed, and most of all, angry. It came off as someone who was literally saying that, “Okay, you ruined my fun, what do you want?”

Maybe she wasn’t actually mad at her fans, or the people that called her out, maybe she was just mad at Bella Thorn because she broke OnlyFans and now she has to set a price cap at $50 and can’t charge people $200 for a nip slip.

Maybe she was mad because the power to the Hype House got cut and she couldn’t go to their latest rager, or for that matter, have one of her own due to the mayor’s thing about shutting off the power and water to any houses with large gatherings. But in the very beginning of the video, she looked pretty hostile, and seemed pretty mad.

About mid-video we get a glimpse of the Tana that we all became a fan of, when she starts actually talking like the real Tana again and not some pre-rehearsed robot I will say that she did address one thing and she said that she took some bad advice early on.

No, it doesn’t excuse any of her behavior and she wasn’t asking for that, but we’re all human and everybody is prone to trusting the wrong people every now and again. From this video we don’t know what exactly went down because she address everything in as little detail as possible, but at least she did admit to that one thing.

In fact she admitted to a lot of things, saying that her mentality was completely indefensible and disgusting, yes, we agree 100%. However, I just wish that she had addressed it in the same way that she did the Jake Paul situation.

In that video she came off as being the real Tana, but in this one, she came off as someone who had been coached. I hope that wasn’t her intention, and she said she was willing to make more videos on the matter so I hope she does, and I hope that this conversation that she has started with her audience ends well. I just wish it had began better. Stay tuned!!!

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