WWE News: Three Superstars That Wouldn’t Benefit From Being Drafted

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There is reportedly set to be a WWE Draft at some point in the near future, which means that fans are already speculating at the superstars that could be drafted between the shows.

However, the draft doesn’t always lead to a positive outcome for the superstar, and sometimes it can be a better decision to leave the superstar where they are so that they can progress on the show that they are already on. But, which superstars should be left on their respective brands when the draft takes place soon?

WWE News: Dominik Mysterio

One of the stars of 2020 to this point has been Dominik Mysterio. He has been engaged in an engrossing rivalry with Seth Rollins throughout much of the year, and that only looks set to continue judging from the steel catch match that they had on Raw this past week.

There is very little sense for a character point of view to move him from the flagship show at present as he is excelling on that platform that he has been given.

However, the WWE must decide whether this is the end to his rivalry with Rollins, and what the end goal really is. If Dominik isn’t going to join Rollins, then the Monday Night Messiah should be the one to change brands so that Dominik can move onto new things.

WWE News: Keith Lee

Keith Lee’s arrival on the main roster was something that all fans were looking forward to, and it’s fair to say, he hasn’t disappointed. Lee already boasts an impressive win over Randy Orton, and he is engaged in the main event scene on Raw at present.

There seems to be a title match waiting to happen between the former NXT Champion and Drew McIntyre, and it’s unlikely that his programme with Orton is over just yet. That means that it would make no sense in him changing brands at present, as he has the air time to excel on Raw alongside some of the biggest names.

WWE News: Sonya Deville

While she may not actually be on any brand at present, Sonya Deville is still a superstar on SmackDown. She lost a match with Mandy Rose at SummerSlam, which meant that she needed to leave the company, but it would only seem a matter of time before she returns now Rose is on Raw.

It would make little sense for Deville to follow Rose to Raw as they have ended their rivalry, and there could be brighter and fresher things for Deville on SmackDown now that her former tag team partner has left.

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