Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers: The Gran Final

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Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal the series is over. We’ve heard some talk about a similar show coming, but we don’t believe it’ll be with the same people. If that’s the case, let’s see how everyone ended up. We’ve got the good, the bad, and the “meh”.

Vencer el miedo spoilers: The good

Let’s start with the good. Everyone, mostly, got their stories tied up in a nice little bow. Areli Durán (Emilia Berjón) and Elvira Tinoco (Michelle González) are on good terms, and Areli’s relationship with Lorenzo Bracho (Axel Ricco) is fixed as well. She even got back together with Yahir Luna (Alessio Valentini), so everything worked out for her and we love it.

Meanwhile, Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal Marcela Durán’s (Paulina Goto) name is clear. In fact, she was celebrated by the town after winning an art contest. Plus, she, Inés Durán (Arcelia Ramírez), and Cristina Durán (Jade Fraser) opened a family business.

Elsewhere, Omar Cifuentes (Danilo Carrera) and Marcela got together and he got the answers he needed all this time. Plus, more. David Cifuentes (Alejandro Ávila) is locked away, and admitted what really happened to Horacio Cifuentes (César Évora). Horacio had answered David’s phone before his death. It was Rommel Guajardo (Emmanuel Palomares), talking about the murder, which shocked Horacio into an episode. Obviously, David made sure he didn’t get help.

Vencer el miedo spoilers: More good

In other good news, we saw Cristina triumph. She not only managed to keep competing, but she helped another swimmer. This had everyone admiring her for her sportsmanship. After, we learned not only are she and Rafael Conti (Enrique Montaño) still a thing, but she’s finally in a place where she can take the next step with him, something that sent her into a panic attack before.

Vencer el miedo: The losers

Vicente Durán (Alberto Estrella) was the big loser. Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal he now lives in essentially is a closet and he refuses to accept any money from the sale of his former home. Because, pride. Plus, he has to watch his daughters from a distance.

Vencer el miedo spoilers: The obvious

Now, we knw this novela had a purpose. Yes, they were trying to help effect change in their country, but besides the quick PSAs at the end of the episodes, we never felt it was over the top. Until tonight. They ended the finale with the main four talking about achieving equality. Not too bad, in itself. However, they also added in a segment of them each rattling off sexist things woman hear. It was kind of a boring note to end on. Especially when they threw something else in the picture earlier.

Vencer el miedo spoilers: The WTH?

So, we know that Rommel finally got hat he deserved. He’d been captured by the police and ended up in jail, where an enemy had a special welcome planned. However, before he left the hospital, his mother came to see him. And she delivered two big bombs. One, we already knew. She informed him Tulio Menéndez (Pablo Valentín) was his father. The other? He’s got a twin out there. One she gave up for adoption. It seemed an odd thing to throw in at the last second. Especially since we don’t know for sure who that twin is, and where they ended up. Over all? We enjoyed this season and wish they had more time to delve into some of the stories.

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