Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: Catching up…


Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal the family drama never stops for Marcela Durán (Paulina Goto). But neither does the legal trouble. But Areli Durán (Emilia Berjón) is also dealing with something huge, and their stories seem to be colliding. Let’s take a look at some of the big moments that got our attention this week.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: Stepmonster trash

First, we have got to talk about Elvira Tinoco (Michelle González). We’ve been calling her out from her first moment on screen, but we were not prepared for how aggressive she got. See, she and Areli have had conflict for a while now and it’s only gotten worse now that Yahir Luna (Alessio Valentini) is accused of stealing from them.

At one point, things got so bad that Elvira and Areli got into a massive fight while Lorenzo Bracho (Axel Ricco) was out. Elvira had the nerve to essentially call her stepdaughter useless trash that should leave the house. You know, the girl who is maybe all of thirteen. That was bad, but her next move even topped that.

Vencer el miedo spoilers indicate Elvira took Areli’s phone from her. While out, Yahir tried to text Areli, so Elvira decided to pretend to be her. She told him essentially to get out of “my” life, and then she kept returning texts to escalate the problem. Except she was driving, and we don’t think we have to tell you where that led.

This is where she topped herself. As we suspected, she was never pregnant. Elvira got a doctor relative to fake the test, and he just happened to be the one caring for her after the accident. Elvira decided to use this moment to claim she lost the child she never carried.

Even worse? She is now using her “sadness” to get him to send Areli to her grandmother and aunts’ home. The more we see Elvira, the more our evil writer minds are devising ways she can get written off the show—and some are very ugly.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: Disillusionment and sneaky moves

Speaking of the Yahir thing, Marcela understands being a kid, in love, and upset. So, while she thinks it’s a bad idea to sneak Areli to an in-person meeting with Yahir, she did offer to help. She’s going to be the go-between for notes so they can communicate. Already, she’s helped a couple of times.

Meanwhile, Marcela’s also dealing with Inés Durán (Arcelia Ramírez) decision to leave Vincente. She’s wanted this for a long time, and she and Cristina Durán (Jade Fraser) helped bring Ines to a meeting with a lawyer.

Unfortunately, before they headed out, a priest got a hold of her and basically guilted Ines into giving Vincente another chance. So, Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal she backed out of signing the papers at the last second. Marcela and Cristina are extremely disappointed and confused.

Also, Marcela isn’t buying the whole “you got a second chance” argument. Marcela pointed out she was a 16-year-old girl who did something stupid. Vincent is a full-grown man who spent 20 years disrespecting and mistreating Ines. Good point. But this is going to be bad for Marcela later.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: The set up

Why? Well, it seems someone wants Marcela behind bars for a very long time. What happened was, Marcela is teaching art to some kids. One day, they learned about a bunch of graffiti painted over their city, so she suggested she and her students paint over it and bring some color and joy to the neighborhood. Sounds good, right? Not so much.

They were in the middle of painting when the police showed up. Marcela obviously pointed out they’d made sure to get permissions from everyone first, but the owner of the particular wall they were painting denied it. He’s even the one who called the police. But wait! There’s more.

While Marcela was being arrested for defacing property, they found drugs in her bag. We have a feeling the cop who’s been after her is behind this. Either that, or the gang Marcela was trying to expose had them planted. Yahir is part of their group.

No matter what the deal was, this will not be good for her after her stance against Vincente and her mother talking about the second chance she got. We do think, however, Cristina will at least be on her side.

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