TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Asuelu Pulaa Mans Up, Gets an Apology Out of Mom – Kalani Impressed, Tammy Declares War!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ spoilers tease that Asuelu put his foot down when he met with both his Mom and Kalani’s family at dinner. You could tell the guy was uncomfortable but who on earth wouldn’t be? Technically, all eyes were on him to either take up for Kalani and his family here in the states or to back down, tuck his tail between his legs and run home to Samoa with his Mom and sister. However, the latter didn’t happen.

While he didn’t take as hard a line as we all would have liked, it was his Mom and it was probably his first time really taking a hard stance with her like this. She even tried to pull the culture card with Lo and he was not having it.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Spoilers- Asuelu gets an apology out of Mom!

His wife, who had initially said that these problems were the same kind she had with Lo when they were first married said that they pulled this culture card a little too much and that Lo was not even this bad. She was kind of amazed at what a rock and a hard place they put Asuelu and Kalani in between. We could have told her! 

Tammy royally showed her true colors though. What was up with her interrupting Kalani’s Mom when she was trying to ask Lisena questions. She just straight up interrupted her and didn’t let her say anything at all! This makes me think that this whole thousand dollar trick was something set up by Tammy so that she wouldn’t have to give as much money to Mom every month and that the burden would eventually fall solely on Asuelu. Tammy strikes me as problematic.

She constantly wants to get in between Asuelu and Kalani, she never has anything good to say about her. She always says that she’s bad for Asuelu but really why? Other than the fact that her Mother can’t profit off of it? Asuelu is happy with Kalani and has 2 kids by her, so she should be happy for her brother.

Also up until now Kalani has not, at least to my knowledge, displayed and previous beef with Tammy so why the hard feelings now? Also Lisena seems to be under the impression that just because Asuelu is living in America that he will suddenly have hand over fist money and have extra to give her. She was a little sad when she found out that that wasn’t true. (Honestly Lisena, I feel that because I live in the US too and cannot “make it rain” yet.)

I think by herself Lisena wouldn’t have been that bad, because she did end up apologizing. I think the power behind her is Tammy, I think she ramps Mom up against Kalani and fills her head with all sorts of no sense probably because she doesn’t want to be the one stuck footing the bill all the time for their Mom.

I think she resents Asuelu for living in the US and having his own life, but I was under the impression that she lived in the US too and just sent money back home? Maybe I’m wrong. Either way there is some bad sibling rivalry there somewhere. I woulsn’t be surprised if there qas future trouble out of Tammy. Stay tuned!!!

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