TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Spoilers: Angela Deem’s Mother Death Aftermath

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ spoilers finds that Angela got the call from her daughter Skyla, that her Mom was found unresponsive and that it was imperative that she come back to the United States because it could be the last time that she was able to see her Mother on this earth, ever.

Angela was conflicted about leaving because she and Michael had just gotten married and obviously she didn’t want to leave him behind. She said that this is the time that you need your husband and you want him around, but unfortunately for Michael, he could not come with.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ Spoilers- Angela’s Mom

Angela tried to be strong for her Mother during her last days. She said that her Mom had almost never seen her cry her entire life and if she broke down now, then she would think something was wrong. So Angela did something that most of us couldn’t muster and went in there to see her Mom for the last time with what seemed to be a stiff upper lip.

Not without feeling, but rather, because she thought that being fine and acting as if everything was okay was the last nice thing she could do for her Mother. Angela’s an amazingly strong person, I know I couldn’t have walked in there and not gone to pieces if my Mom was dying. Her Mom got to remember her smiling, and I guess that was the kindest gift that Angela could have given her.

Thankfully, Angela got to spend a little more than just one time with her Mom. Although only one visit was documented, they said that her Mom passed 10 days in to Angela’s visit. That’s a long time for someone at the end stages of life, but such a short, short time to spend with your loved one.

Skyla said at least she wasn’t in any pain anymore, she also said that her Grandma told her, “Well Skyla, I have go to to heaven sometime.” that’s one way of looking at it. Angela still hasn’t really grieved for her Mom because she can’t really let loose in front of her daughter and Granddaughter.

She’s too busy being strong for them. Skyla is worried about her. Angela says Michael has been great over the phone, but right now she needs physical affection, which makes total sense. Our hearts go out to her. I hope Michael is prepared when she gets back to Nigeria. Stay tuned!!!

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