This is Paris – Emotional Growth or Emotional Ruin?

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In her documentary “This is Paris”, Paris Hilton detailed a part of her life that was previously unknown to the public, and that was that her parents thought she was a problem child and sent her several “camps” for misbehaved kids as a child. She referred to them as emotional growth schools, and from the things that happened there it really begs the question, are these camps there to help a child grow emotionally, or to ruin them?

Paris says that because of her experience at these schools, she is forever reluctant to trust other people. That at one point, she felt she couldn’t even trust her own family. She said the first place she tried to run away, and that the camp counselors made an example out of her and some of the other kids who had tried to escape by taking them and beating the hell out of them in front of the other kids, and telling them that this is what happens when you run away.

This is Paris – Emotional Growth or Emotional Ruin?

She then said that she was sent to another camp, and that it was hell too. In both of these camps, they made the kids do hard, manual labor and that they got belittled and demeaned by the people in charge at every turn.

People wonder why narcissm is on the rise in this country, why wonder? If a kid is misbehaved then, yes they need discipline but they also need love and understanding and room to make mistakes and feel safe, if these environments don’t provide that, then where is the actual solution to the problem?

It reminds me of this one show that was popular in the early 2000’s called Brat Camp, I refused to watch it, but the premise was that these misbehaved kids went to this wildnerness camp and basically had the camp counselors scream at them until they folded in submisison. Between screaming, belittling, and wearing a child out through hard labor, where is the actual solution to the problem of their misbehavior?

Of her experiences in these places, Paris says that it has left her with incurable insomnia, and that she often has dreams about two people coming to abduct her and saying that “We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.” she said Provo Canyon School, a place that she attended out in Utah for 11 months, was a boarding school that specialized in the emotional growth of children and that it was basically 8 hours of being in a room all day, staring at a wall and getting beaten.

When you misbehaved you got solitary confinement which meant that you got to be naked in a padded room for up to 20 hours on end. In one experience she said that in the room next to hers there was a girl in a straight jacket screaming her head off.

So, what exactly are we fixing here by traumatizing the kids? Whatever the Hiltons were trying to prevent by putting her in these schools, Paris ended up doing anyway, so that was a pretty failed experiment. The Mom says that she never knew that Paris was tortured and kept in solitary confinement like a prison, she looked troubled by this.

Paris said she never told her family about what had happened in Provo, but she did say that she previously told her parents what was going on at the other places, and in the name of discipline, they kept her in these facilities. She said had she not endured such trauma at these places, that her sex tape would have never happened.

So what problem did any of that fix? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Having people use hardened criminal techniques to discipline children doesn’t make for a better next generation, it just creates one with more fear. We have to draw the line somewhere.

Paris says that she wants to work toward getting places like these shut down, and I for one, think its a noble cause. No child should be bullied by adults that they are supposed to trust. Paris using her platform to speak out against places like this is a great idea, these places should be exposed. Stay tuned!!!

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