Darcey Silva Goes To Therapy – 90 Day Fiancé ‘Darcey & Stacey’ Spoilers

Darcey said that in spite of her having a possibly love connection with a Bulgarian Massuese, Georgie, she has decided to postpone meeting him because she came to the conclusion that after all is said and done, that she does need therapy.

But it was Darcey that came to the conclusion, not Stacey, not anyone else. Actually though, her Dad helped the decision along because she said that he noticed that her entire demeanor was different and she wasn’t herself lately, so he probably helped her realize that. Good for him.

She has decided to include Stacey in this because Stacey said that she would go with her. Now, I’m not entirely sure what kind of fresh hell this will bring to Darcey and Stacey’s dynamic as sisters but it’s going to prove interesting to say the least. Darcey was recounting how starting with Jesse Meester, her past two relationships were very hard on her.

Darcey and Stacey Silva: Darcey goes to therapy

She said that it wasn’t the first time she has done therapy, it doesn’t look like it worked the first time or maybe she just didn’t continue with the therapist’s recommendations because she dated Tom directly afterwards and I can’t see any therapist worth their salt reccommending that.

However, I think Stacey should have put her money where her mouth was. If she thought that Darcey needed therapy so badly, badly enough to take Tom Brooks, up on his recomandation and actually mention it to Darcey then she should have taken time out of her day to go to therapy with her.

After all, when Stacey suggested that she book the appointment for therapy did she stop to consider all the things in Darcey’s day that she would have to move around in order to go, not to mention paying for the session?

No. It was just “Go to therapy!”, so it was pretty inconsiderate after saying that she would go with her that she would prioritize Florian first. I get that Florian is only in the country for a limited amount of time, but one measly hour is not going to kill them. We’ll see how this goes. Stay tuned!!!

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