90 Day Fiance: Who Is Yolanda’s New Boyfriend Josh Seiter?

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Yolanda Leak from 90 Day Fiance won our hearts because we all knew she was being catfished by her boyfriend, Williams. She didn’t realize it until her children hired a private investigator and she started to get some very bizarre emails from him and others asking her for money in exchange for some naked photos. Now that all of the Williams drama is over, Yolanda has been showing off her new man. He’s real this time, but is their relationship.

Josh Seiter From the Bachelorette

Yolanda is dating Josh Seiter from ABC’s the Bachelorette. They started talking on social media and soon they fell for one another. There are quite a few photos of him on her Instagram account, but none of them are of the couple together. Yolanda has said that Josh has come to see her, but why are there no photos of them with one another?

The have confirmed their relationship on social media, but fans don’t trust it. In his last post on Instagram, he wrote, “Flight to Vegas booked! They have drive thru chapels where you can get married on the spot, right?” Of course, Yolanda replied, “YESSSSSSSSS!!!” and she made sure to include a lot of hearts. The couple got a lot of hate for this post and they started talking about how he was just using Yolanda and would probably break her heart.

One follower wrote, “This is so fake. You faked a Williams to be in the show now you’re faking another one..” Another wrote, “Umm, y’all don’t have photos together?? Same photos being reused.” One more chimed in, “So this is the first time you’re meeting and then you’re getting married?” Another told her, “Don’t marry anyone who isn’t willing to crawl through a minefield just to give you a rose and I’m not talking virtually by computer but literally.”

We are not quite sure when Josh will be flying to Las Vegas, but we hope that it is soon so we can see all of this unfold. Do you think that they are faking this relationship? Do you think it’s as random as we do? How did they find each other? Was it just online stalking and flirting? There are so many questions that we need answered and we hope they will do it soon.

Could a wedding be on our hands when he arrives? We wish these two the very best not matter what.

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