90 Day Fiance ‘Darcey and Stacey’ Silva: You live for family, you die for family

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Darcey and Stacey Silva are asking if anyone get a little bit worried when that statement was uttered by Papa Silva at the dinner table? I mean, granted, Florian Sukaj echoed it, which means he’s got the same mindset going on, and he definitely gets it, but when you have that statement uttered by a potential.

Father-in-Law it’s a bit… worrying. It’s also worrying when your potential Father-in-Law drags you off to the middle of the woods to have a private chat, woods that he says that filled with creatures like bears and wolves!

Darcey and Stacey Silva: You live for family, you die for family

I love how that was his first warning to Florian, like he put the thought in Florian’s head that there were more dangerous creatures other than him lurking in the forest. It could also be seen as an intimidation tactic as well, to get Florian thinking that just in case Daddy Silva decided to rid his daughter of the pictures with other women problem, that there wouldn’t be any evidence left after the local wildlife finished with his body.

I think Florian broke when he admitted that he was afraid, which told Papa Silva that he had the upper-hand. “As long as I can outrun you, I’m fine.” he said. Wow, there’s some old school mafia intimidation right there if I ever seen any. Kind of wondering if Papa Silva wasn’t a made man back in the day, or at least knew a few. (Again, I’m just wondering, not accusing!)

Florian assured him that there would be no more pictures with other women, I mean, what else could he really say at that point? The man had him on a bridge in the middle of the woods and while yes they did have a camera crew watching I’m not entirely sure that would have stopped Daddy Silva.

(Plus I mean, let’s face it, TLC’s ratings would have gone through the roof – I KID, I KID!) He admitted he was stupid, and he told him that he had come to spend the rest of his life with Stacey. Aww! After that, he and Papa Silva seemed to get along famously. They’re on first name basis now, he told him to call him Richard. We’ll see how things turn out and if we get to see Richard take Florian to the woods again, stay tuned!!!

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