90 Day Fiancé ‘Darcey and Stacey’ Silva: What’s the Deal With Florian Sukaj?

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Wow Florian got a little heated when Stacey couldn’t figure out how to stop the wind sheild wipers, didn’t he? Poor Stacey, she was driving her brand new car but she hadn’t yet figured out how to keep the windshield wipers from going off yet.

I feel you Stacey, I once had a brand new car where I never figured out how on earth to turn on the interior light at all in the three years that I had it. But apparently this was not good enough for Florian Sukaj, the windshield wipers were driving him mad, like they were some sort of red flag you’d wave in front of a bull.

Then he proceeded to tell her to get out of the car and give him the keys. I don’t know what he expected to happen at that point. I’m amazed that he didn’t have people honking at him because didn’t they stop in the middle of the road? It looked like it but maybe I just didn’t catch the fact that they pulled over.

Darcey and Stacey Silva: Honestly if she’d yelled “Toro” at him it wouldn’t have been entirely out of place.

Florian’s definitely got some issues to work through, the way he was yelling at Stacey over a freakin’ windshield wiper was over the top. He said in his confessional that even though he yelled at her, he loved her.  Do you really mean that when you yell at somebody that they’re dumb in the middle of the street in front of people? I mean, I wonder.

Stacey said that this was not the way she had wanted her first day with her fiance to go at all and… yeah Stacey, we hear you. We agree. I don’t think anyone would want their first day with their fiance to go this way.

She and Florian seemed to make up when they got to the little airbnb they were staying at, normally they would have been staying at Stacey’s family home but Daddy Silva says he doesn’t want any men sleeping over. What Daddy says goes, and you can’t really argue with his logic that much. It is a little odd when your child’s significant other sleeps over and they’re not, you know, married.

Also, Florian’s got to prove himself to the family first because as we all know, when you marry the person, you also get the family that goes along with them. Stay tuned!!!

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