WWE News: The Fiend Celebrates One Year In WWE, But What Were The Standout Moments?

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WWE news finds that fans have always had a special affection for Bray Wyatt, as there is a long-standing belief that he always deserved more than he actually got. However, when it was teased that Wyatt would be returning with a new character 12 months ago, nobody could have foreseen how quickly Bray would be part of the main event scene.

The intrigue was certainly there with the Firefly Funhouse, but Wyatt’s debut as The Fiend last year put him on a trajectory to being one of the hottest stars in the company.

However, there have certainly also been low points over the past 12 months, with the defeat to Goldberg standing out as the evident example. However, what moments has The Fiend created that have been the most compelling?

WWE News: The Fiend’s Debut

The Fiend’s debut remains one of the must-see moments of the past 12 months as the whole visual of the entrance was something to behold. His entrance immediately captured the imagination of the audience, and it was just the right mix of creepy and dark without making the children in attendance wanting to cry.

It would set the tone for everything that we would see The Fiend do over the next 12 months, as he beat Finn Balor in super quick time after putting the Irishman in the Mandible Claw. SummerSlam last year was an excellent show, but the debut of The Fiend made it.

WWE News: His Effect On WWE

Either by accident or planned, The Fiend has a huge part in the character arc of the wrestlers that he is up against. Four of the superstars that he has faced over the past 12 months have re-emerged as the opposite to what they were previously.

Balor returned as a hell, while The Miz and Seth Rollins also turned heel after defeats to The Fiend. However, is it as simple as just suggesting that The Fiend ‘healed’ them? Either way, he has had a hand in some of the most engaging storylines across all three brands.

WWE News: Fiend vs Daniel Bryan

It could be argued that The Fiend shouldn’t have been chasing after the world title in the first place, but if he needed to, then Daniel Bryan was the perfect challenger.

The two already had history from the days of the Wyatt Family, and there was no doubting that they would be able to tell a story better than The Fiend and anyone else. The story saw Bryan bring back the ‘Yes’ chant, and the match itself was a brutal affair at the Royal Rumble, which was one by The Fiend.

WWE News: Firefly Funhouse Match

The most exciting match, or programme that The Fiend has been involved in this year was against John Cena. This rivalry ended with one of the very best productions that we have ever seen from the WWE.

There were so many nods to the past, with Cena and Wyatt facing each other at WrestleMania 30 and the remainder of Cena’s career. The whole segment was one of the most enjoyable of the year, and it left fans wanting more. It was as revolutionary as we have seen in WWE in the modern era.

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