WWE News: Randy Orton Turns On Ric Flair, As Legend Is Taken To Hospital

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WWE news revealed last night that Ric Flair had been taken to hospital after Randy Orton attacked the WWE legend after his match with Kevin Owens on Raw. The WWE Universe would have been shocked with Orton’s actions, as many believed that Flair was in his corner for the long term.

In a bizarre ending to Raw on Monday night, the lights went out just as Orton punted Flair in the head. It was a strange ending, as fans didn’t know what was happening, and whether Orton really did punt the legend in the head. It was immediately reported that the 71-year-old was taken to hospital after the attack.

WWE News: Is This Part Of Orton’s Plan?

WWE fans will be aware that Orton is conniving at the best of times, and his plans are typically outside of the box. That could have been the case once again, as it could be argued that the lights going out could mean that Flair wasn’t really attacked and this is all part of Orton’s long-term plan to get into the head of WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The Scot rushed to the ring to try and help Flair after the attack, and McIntyre will now be hoping to deliver justice of his own when he meets Orton for their title match at the end of this month. However, could Flair, who’s often called the ‘dirtiest player in the game’ actually have a shock for McIntyre when the SummerSlam main event rolls around?

WWE News: Orton The Favourite Against McIntyre?

McIntyre has been leading the company throughout these uncertain times over the past couple of months, and has been doing an excellent job. The Scot was crowned WWE Champion for the first time at WrestleMania after overcoming Brock Lesnar, and has since been involved in engaging stories with Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley and Dolph Ziggler.

However, Orton is the biggest challenge that he has faced for his title, and the match at SummerSlam could go either way. Orton has never been hotter during his WWE career than he is right now, which means that McIntyre may be forced to hand over the reins to the veteran. However, it isn’t likely to go down without drama, as McIntyre has been waiting to be champion in the WWE for the whole of his life.

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