WWE News: Is The Seth Rollins/Dominik Mysterio Storyline The Most Engaging Of The Year In WWE?

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WWE fans witnessed a brutal assault of Dominik Mysterio during Monday night Raw last night as their match at the upcoming SummerSlam PPV was finalised with a contract signing. Dominik was helpless as Seth Rollins and Murphy beat him down the kendo sticks before the ink had even dried on the contract, in what looked like one of the most vicious beat downs of the year.

Dominik posted a picture of the aftermath from the beat down on social media with his chest and back looking red raw. Rey’s son has become a huge part of the weekly programming on Raw, and this is just further evidence that he looks prepared to run with the legacy that has been created by his father.

WWE News: Most Engaging Story On Television

There is no denying at present that the story telling in the rivalry between Dominik and Rollins has been the best thing about Raw over the past couple of weeks. The story actually began months ago after Rey was called out by Rollins after his defeat to Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. This is indeed long-term story telling at its very best.

Rey and Seth’s rivalry earlier in the year was an excellent build up to this huge match at SummerSlam, although the eye-for-an-eye match did end up getting mixed reviews on the socials. However, it was all part of the plan to get to this point at SummerSlam, and there is now a huge match waiting for fans between Rollins and Dominik.

WWE News: Dominik To Get The Win?

Let’s not forget, Dominik was not even part of the WWE roster 12 months ago, but he already looks as though he was born to be in the engaging stories on Raw. There must be a layer of trust already there between Rollins and Dominik as they have been batting it out of the ground with every passing week on Raw.

However, whether he is able to get the win remains to be seen, because it would be a huge success in his first match with the WWE. It isn’t likely to be the end of the story at SummerSlam, and that can only be good news for the fans, as this rivalry has been one of the most entertaining of the year so far.

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