Univision Vencer El Miedo Spoilers: Suspicions, backbone, and stepmonsters

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Univision Vencer el Miedo spoilers for the week reveal there’s definitely a connection forming. Meanwhile, we saw Marcela Durán (Paulina Goto) continue her search for the truth while Cristina Durán (Jade Fraser) worked to get justice. We also have some questions about Elvira Tinoco (Michelle González). Let’s see what happened this week.

Univision Vencer El Miedo Spoilers: Love connection?

It seems a bit obvious and predictable now. However, we sort of like it. Omar Cifuentes (Danilo Carrera) has been doing his best to find evidence that Marcela killed his father. However, in the process, it looks like he’s starting to doubt himself and he actually saved her life at the end of last week.

The people threatening her friends struck back by setting their business of fire with Marcela inside. It was a message, but Omar was nearby to spy on her, so he rescued her.

After, they spent the rest of the week coming into contact with each other and each one seemed to bring them closer. She helped him throw away more drugs before they could be sold. Plus, she saved him from getting caught with more by the police.

They also had a few conversations that has made him torn on her. He’s spent several years hating her over his father’s death, but he is seeing another side to her. She obviously has no idea how close a potential enemy is, because he disguises himself before having contact with her or the gang he joined.

Meanwhile, Marcela is playing her ex, Rommel Guajardo (Emmanuel Palomares). It looks like they’re getting closer and she accepted an offer to move in with him eventually. But, what she’s really doing is looking for any proof he might have been involved in the murder she went down for.

He gave her a great opportunity when he left her alone in his place while he bailed a friend out of jail. We’ll have to wait and see what she might turn up, but we have a feeling this won’t be as simple as it looks. Something, or someone, else has to be behind this.

Univision Vencer El Miedo Spoilers: Family drama

Elsewhere, the family drama keeps on going. Cristina can’t prove she was raped, as it’s been too long. But she can help others and she tried to do just that. When another kid made a disturbing drawing, she and a psychologist raised the alarm.

However, the assailant is too well-liked, and close to the victim’s family. So they don’t believe a word. We’re looking forward to seeing how she handles this.

Elsewhere, it looks like Inés Durán (Arcelia Ramírez) is getting a backbone. After a couple of serious medical scares, she stood up to Vicente Durán (Alberto Estrella) and refused to let Marcela be totally shut out. She wants her daughter with her as she recovers.

Univision Vencer El Miedo Spoilers: Step-monster?

Finally, there’s Areli Durán (Emilia Berjón). She recently got a stepmother, Elvira, and this woman is not sitting well with us. She’s giving us Oriana Jasso (Aylín Mújica) vibes, and she seems determined to make Areli look bad. She already busted her for looking at inappropriate pictures.

The thing was, sex ed class made her ask questions no one at home wanted to answer, so she tried to find them herself. If Elvira took two seconds to actually talk to Areli as a human, she might have seen that. Plus, every time Elvira steps in, she makes Areli more rebellious. We see bad things ahead in this house, and we’re eagerly awaiting a downfall for this stepmonster.

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