Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers: Hard truths, bonding, and bad choices


Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers this week reveal Marcela Durán (Paulina Goto) and Cristina Durán (Jade Fraser) have had a lot to work through. However, it looks like they found a common goal.

Plus, Omar Cifuentes (Danilo Carrera) made a shocking discovery about his dad’s death he never knew. And it looks like he might further tie himself to the family he once wanted to hurt. Let’s see what happened.

Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers: Fights and common goals

First, there’s Marcela and Cristina. Their relationship suffered for Marcela’s stint in juvie. This week, we found out a little more about why Cristina’s been so bitter toward Marcela at times. In a great scene, she gave Marcela an earful about the Hell she’s endured since Marcela went away.

Their father’s been even worse to her and their mother, Inés Durán (Arcelia Ramírez). And Cristina could never get away, because she didn’t want to leave their mother to face that abuse alone.

On the good side, this fight helped clear the air between them. Plus, Cristina opened up about the problem she’s having with Rubén Oliva (Marcelo Córdoba).

Of course, Marcela was outraged her sister’s the victim of harassment. She went with Cristina to report him, but the guy’s position made it a losing game. That’s when they got creative.

Cristina accepted his request to meet him at his house, then recorded everything with Marcela’s help. She waited outside, watching video her own phone to step in if it was needed. Eventually, they got the footage they needed to bust this guy.

This not only led to a reconciliation between them and their brother, plus Rubén’s daughter disowned him. So, there was at least one victory lately.

Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers: Truth hurts

As for the big story, here’s the latest of the murder Marcela wrongly went down for. She now found some papers showing Rommel Guajardo (Emmanuel Palomares) is throwing around a lot of cash. This makes her feel that he’s got to be involved in the crime. Omar also made a huge discovery.

Looking at some old information about his father’s case, he saw the police found drugs in the car. Confused, he confronted David Cifuentes (Alejandro Ávila) about them not sharing that info with him. Poor Omar had to hurt when denied access to his grandfather because Omar upsets him too much.

But then, David offered the theory Fabián Cifuentes (Moisés Arizmendi) was investigating who was selling Omar drugs. That could’ve led to him learning more than he should, and you know how that goes in these things. We’ll have to see what Omar ends up doing with that.

Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers: Looking for trouble

Finally, there’s Areli Durán (Emilia Berjón). After some setbacks, she got her father to chill a bit. Plus, he let her Yahir Luna (Alessio Valentini). She just has to follow simple rules. There’s just one problem.

Yahir is doing some jobs for one of the gangs, and that can’t lead to a good ending for these two. We’re sort of sad about that, because they make an adorable pair. Their one hope might be Omar.

See, he caught Yahir in action and gave him some hassle. We have a feeling he’s going to do everything possible to make sure this kid knows exactly who he’s getting mixed up with. We think there’s a “scared straight” moment coming, and we’re here for it.

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