Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Family drama, choices, and proof of innocence

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Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal Marcela Durán (Paulina Goto) suffered a shocking surprise this week while Inés Durán (Arcelia Ramírez) has finally had enough. We’ve also got some family drama on two fronts. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments this week.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Shocking truth

First, this week saw Marcela get a huge shock. After determining Rommel Guajardo (Emmanuel Palomares) probably had nothing to do with Fabián Cifuentes’ (Moisés Arizmendi) death, she couldn’t find anything solid on anyone else.

So, she went to Horacio Cifuentes (César Évora) to let him know. She also brought video proof of her own innocence. This led to two huge revelations for her. She was shocked and sad to learn that Horacio is dying, and his recent episode cut his time even shorter. However, she also got a bit miffed when she noticed Omar Cifuentes’ (Danilo Carrera) picture.

She realized Beto is Omar, and he was likely spying on her. As she was starting to fall for him, you can imagine how much she loved getting that news. In fact, when Omar tried to explain, she told him where he can go.

However, Vencer el miedo spoilers indicate he hasn’t changed how he feels at all. We expect him to work hard over the rest of the series to win her over again. We’ll be rooting for it. They’re both great characters, and they definitely could use something good in their lives at some point.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Questions

Speaking of, Omar had some questions previously after learning drugs had some part in his dad’s death. He still hasn’t been able to get answers, but we can’t shake this weird vibe that David Cifuentes (Alejandro Ávila) might have had some part in things.

The fact he kept certain details quiet and his blind insistence that Marcela must be guilty doesn’t sit right with us. Could Fabián have found out something about David that David wanted under wraps? We’ll have to wait and see.

Either way, there’s drama right now. He had suggested Omar staying with them instead of being at Horacio’s house. His wife, however, isn’t a fan of the idea because of Omar’s past addiction issues.

It seems they had a son that’s got a few problems himself, and she believes them being around each other too much could be unhealthy. We wonder if David’s wanting Omar with him is another sign of guilt. As in, maybe he doesn’t want abuelo and nieto comparing notes.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Stepmonster strikes again

Also this week, Vencer el miedo spoilers indicate Elvira Tinoco (Michelle González) just never gives up. She snooped around and tattled on how Areli Durán (Emilia Berjón) might have already had sex with Yahir Luna (Alessio Valentini), or was planning to.

Plus, she was beyond rude during a visit from Yahir. But the best part came later on, when she discovered a ring missing. She assumes Yahir did it and it turned into a big thing. Seriously. Areli started screaming at Elvira that she hates her. We don’t blame Areli. How Lorenzo Bracho (Axel Ricco) is not noticing the clear disdain Elvira seems to have toward Areli, we don’t know.

But he keeps going back and forth between letting her get away with it and standing up to her. We’re pretty sure it’s going to come down to him making a choice before long. Which, considering she’s supposedly pregnant, won’t be an easy one.

Related to this, Elvira might have a reason to not like Yahir at least. He is involved in a gang, and one of his and Areli’s friends died as a result of this. While we don’t believe they know, and Yahir wants out, it’s not going to matter.

He’s stuck, as they threatened him with death if he left. It’s very possible that Areli could eventually be in danger—if she ever gets more time with Yahir. Right now, dad’s keeping her schedule pretty full.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Outta here

Finally, Ines has had enough. After years of bad treatment and a recent discovery of an affair, she wants a divorce. Of course, Vicente Durán (Alberto Estrella) can’t see what he did wrong. As far as he’s concerned, she’s his woman and that’s it. Not that he’s not trying to butter her up at all.

He brought flowers. Still, she’s not impressed. Ines made it clear this doesn’t change anything before opting to see in her daughters’ bedroom rather than share a bed with him. We can’t help but have a little worry for this lady, because we think the further this divorce thing goes, the more desperate he’ll get. And he seems capable of anything.

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