Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Common goals and troubled pasts

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Univision Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal this week introduced us to the family of Marcela Durán’s (Paulina Goto) alleged victim. The funny thing is, it seems Omar Cifuentes (Danilo Carrera), Fabian Cifuentes’ (Moisés Arizmendi) son, and Marcela are in similar positions with their families. They also have a common goal, but Omar’s pain might just ruin any chance for justice. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Good boy goes bad

First, we got to meet the man who turned up dead in episode one. His name was Fabian, and he and Omar apparently had an ideal life. The flashbacks throughout this week showed a father/son bond that was strong, and how happy the family seemed. However, Fabian’s death changed everything.

Later on, flashbacks showed Omar fell into drug addiction and was forced by Horacio Cifuentes (César Évora), his grandfather, to go to a rehab facility. This gives us extra insight and sympathy for Horacio and the family, as this murder took his son, but also ruined his grandchild.

But there’s an even bigger motivation Omar doesn’t know about. It seems Horacio is dying, and the pressure he’s putting on Marcela is just him wanting to know the truth before he dies.

This is especially hard on him because he thinks Omar might have gotten back into bad habits. See, as part of a plot we’ll mention later, Omar tried to get in good with a gang and he succeeded. First, by turning down an offer of drugs (they don’t need addicts selling for them).

Then, he gained more points by “selling” all the product fast and bringing them lots of money. What he really did with the drugs was flush them. Unfortunately, another (younger) grandchild found some in the house, so everyone thinks Omar is still using. He’d just been given more to push because he “worked” so fast the first time.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Can’t escape the past

Elsewhere, Marcela also can’t escape this past. Her sister, Cristina Durán (Jade Fraser) is still keeping her distance and a cop is still trailing her. But Marcela’s issue got worse this week. It’s an ironic sort of connection between the two.

See, Vencer el Miedo spoilers reveal she’s trying her best to rebuild her life while she helps Horacio. The problem is, when she tried to enroll in a school, her past came back to haunt her again. While checking out the building, Marcela had an encounter with another student who threw her past in her face. Then, she accused Marcel of stealing from her. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, but it was clear Marcela is getting discouraged.

Univision Vencer el miedo Spoilers: Common goal

So, that plan both have? Vencer el miedo spoilers reveal they both want the truth about Fabian’s death to come to light. That’s the whole reason Omar is trying to get into a gang to start with—to get closer to Marcela and spy. He thinks he can finally prove she did it.

However, Marcela’s also involved in helping a friend with something that involved a staged kidnapping. Omar, of course, is mistaking what he heard for the real thing. If he gets Marcela behind bars again, this would ruin her plan to join with bad guys to prove her innocence/bring the real killer to justice. It’s a twisted mess, but we love it. This show is entertaining, moving, and a great addition to Univision’s schedule.

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