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TLC sMothered’ Spoilers and Find Love Live: Sandra and Mariah Want Love

For fans of TLC’s sMothered, you probably have seen Sandra and Mariah in action. These two women just ended their season of the show and have been searching for love for years.

Now that they are off of sMothered, they decided to try their luck at finding love. They appeared on TLC’s newest virtual dating show, Find Love Live and we have the highlights of their episode.

TLC sMothered’ Spoilers and Find Love Live: What’s Their Story?

Mariah and Sandra love one another more than many mother-daughter pairs. It is pretty evident on sMothered how close they are. Mariah is 21 and from what we have seen of her on the show, she loves to do normal 21 year old stuff, but her mom likes to hang out too.

They actually did a photo shoot where they wanted to get sexy. Viewers cringed when Mariah started to oil up her mom’s butt and breasts! Talk about a very close relationship! Yikes!

TLC sMothered’ Spoilers and Find Love Live: Sandra and Mariah Want Love

These two do everything together. They got breast implants together, go on dates together, and fans think that Mariah is by far the creepiest of them all! They post a lot of interesting photos of one another too. You should check it out!

The pair appeared on TLC’s Find Love Live and fans thought it was pretty amusing to see them together again and looking for love. Sandra got to pick from three men and she ended up choosing Antony, a flight attendant. Mariah actually was the one to choose him for her mother, no big shocker there! Fans were quick to talk about the show and what they thought of this pick for Sandra.

One wrote, “From the first impression, I think Sandra is going to choose Antony.” Another wrote, “I think this is the first Find Love Live match that I feel will actually amount to anything.”

A lot of viewers really do want to see a follow up on Antony and Sandra and think that they could make a really cute couple. There were some viewers that thought that Sandra and Mariah together were just gross and they didn’t like the fact that it seemed like they were both looking for a date. We hope that we do get to find out what happens next with the newly matched couple.

If you want to see more of Sandra and Mariah, you can find them on social media. They both post on Instagram fairly frequently and are pretty open with fans.

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