TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Is Stacey Silva Pregnant With Florian Sukaj’s Baby?

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers indicate that Stacey Silva and her Albanian-born boyfriend Florian Sukaj, star of Prison Break, allegedly broke up way back in October, but did they? That was the hints that were heavily thrown out there by both Stacey at the time and Darcy.

But thanks to a few cryptic social media posts on behalf of Florian we are now wondering whether or not what the deal actually is. According to these posts Florian would have you believe that Stacey is pregnant! Allegedly, he has already confirmed to one source that she is, but nothing has officially come out yet.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: So, is she or isn’t she?

In one of the posts he used clips from the actual show, Prison Break, where one of the characters finds out his girlfriend is pregnant then immediately posted pictures of Stacey afterward. Of course this confusing little action comes amid some rather nasty accusations that Florian is actually cheating on Stacey, so is he actually telling the truth or is he possibly just trying to take the heat off himself and get people to focus on “Aww Stacey’s pregnant!” and if she isn’t, well, it’s not like she has come out and corrected him yet. 

The only thing we really know about their relationship is that it supposedly ended back in October and so far Stacey has not confirmed nor denied to any social media outlets that she is with child. But does this mean that they’re still broken up or does this mean that they have secretly rekindled things behind the scenes? Maybe?

But not necessarily. As we all know you don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship with someone to have a baby with them. Hookup culture has taught us that. Also hookups with exes are way more common than one might think.

The timing of this is also a little strange because as we all know the Silva Twins are now going to have their own show on TLC, even though the premiere dates have not been announced yet. I am guessing since Stacey may be romantically entangled with Florian at the moment that she may not have wanted to do another stint on 90 day, especially if she was pregnant.

So perhaps she, Darcy and the producers at TLC cooked up a little something so that the twins could still remain in the public eye and economically everyone would win because as much as we may question their life choices, let’s face it, the twins are popular. I mean, it would be a smart move if that be the case.

There is a chance that Florian could be lying through his teeth though and simply just posting this little tidbit to dispell rumors that are making him look bad. But if it’s not true then that would only serve to make him look worse in the end because it’s not reallg his news to tell. Sure he’s the Dad but without Stacey’s permission, it’s not really his news to tell. We at DSD will keep you updated on his this situation goes. Stay tuned!!!

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