TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ifs, buts, and coconuts, will Syngin Colchester DUMP Tania & stay in South Africa?

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers suggest that tonight we get to see Syngin finally get to party down with his boys. He has not seen his friend since he left South Africa so seeing him finally get to let loose with his pals was a nice change of pace.

Syngin kind of has to mind his P’s and Q’s around Tania so it’s kind of rare to see him let that mop of ginger hair down, but its clear to see that when he does, he’s really serious about it. He channeled his inner American Frat Boy real well, in spite of professing to be a South African dudebro through and through.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ifs, buts, and coconuts, will Syngin stay in South Africa?

Although his friends did tease him about gaining weight since he had been in the US. Although, he was quick to correct them that he hadn’t gained weight, just rather a gained a ‘rich man’s belly’.

But then suddenly the other shoe drops and Syngin tells his boys that he might just be staying in South Africa for the duration. Wait a second dude, didn’t you promise Tania forever, and now you’re telling your boys something different? Did you bother discussing this with Tania at all?

Because if you did the cameraman sure didn’t catch it. Awhile back he did tell Tania that he wasn’t sure that he wanted to raise kids in America which is kind of a red flag right there. I mean, he could have said something about that at any time before they got married but he didn’t bother. Why?

He then proceeds to tell his boys that he and Tania have been fighting – dude, why did you tell them that? These are the types of guys who will encourage him to stay in South Africa no matter what. Simply because it wad revealed tonight that they don’t harbor the greatest opinion of her, that is because back when they were dating Tania lived with them for two months and one of his friends described it as being her boyfriend with none of the benefits.

Ew! I don’t know about Syngin but I certainly would not have liked it if someone had referred to my spouse like that. Seriously, that just makes me question them as people, yike. But Syngin seemed ro take this all on stride and that is when he tols them that he might be staying in South Africa.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Hoo boy.

So next week it looks like Tania is going to have a time holding her own against Syngin and his family. His Dad (or is that Step-Dad?) doesn’ t seem to jols out much hope for them saying that unless Syngin wants to be put in his place that he won’t be and there’s nothing Tania can do about it. Will she lose this battle and will Syngin be going back to South Africa permanently? Stay tuned!!!

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