TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Do the Silva twins meddle?

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers indicate that Stacey met with Tom unbeknownst to Darcy, but you could argue that her meeting was completely justified. Since the breakup, Tom has been trying to contact Darcy but she has him blocked on all social media.

That’s fair considering the last time they spoke in person the exchange was not beneficial to either party and just served ti tear Darcy down. After what she had gone through with Jesse (and they showed a little bit of that tonight) I just don’t think that having any further exchanges with Tom would have served any purpose other than to stroke Tom’s ego.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Do the Silva twins meddle?

But Tom wanted to have the last word. He didn’t get to due to Darcy having torn up the original letter than he wrote her and that seemed to be really getting to him so he decided to contact Stacey whom he deemed more reasonable.

However, Stacey was quick to tell him that she wanted all communications to cease and desist, that she didn’t want to have anything to do with him and neither did her sister. That Darcy was finally in a place where she could open her heart to someone else and she wanted to make sure that it stayed that way for her which was why she agreed to meet with Tom, because she wanted to tell him to stop.

Okay, you know what? That’s valid. Completely valid. Stacey was taking up for her sister and having one’s back is not a bad thing. She didn’t give him details of Darcy’s life other than that Darcy wanted to move on, she didn’t tell him that Darcy had missed him.

She basically just dismissed his wanting to have the last word and told him to go away. If she had waved a big meme sign in front of his face telling him to “Begone, Thot!” It couldn’t have been more obvious.

Darcy it seems, has the spirit of having her sister’s back but the way she went about things might cause a bit of a rift between rthe twins in the future. Instead of telling maybe her best friend or perhaps their Mom, Darcy went straight to their Dad.

Okay maybe Darcy is more if a Daddy’s girl, maybe they just have that kind of relationship with their Dad, but she went so far as to show and tell him about the pictures that Stacey’s boyfriend, Florian, had posted on social media of him with another woman. Daddy Silva was so mad that he said that as soon as Florian got to the US that they were going to have ‘a private conversation’.

Now, we stan a good Dad who will take up for his daughter when she’s being mistreated by her significant other because sometimes that is the only way some guys will listen is if the Dad steps in and says “You’re not allowed to mistreat my daughter.” but this usually happens when one is still in high school, not when one is a 45 year old woman.

And how will Stacey perceive what Darcy did? After all, she said that she doesn’t always tell her family about her personal life so this might be overstepping some bounds for her. Especially if she hasn’t said anything to her Dad about it previously. Will this cause a fight between the twins? Stay tuned!!!

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