TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Brittany Banks To Convert To Islam – Will Yazan Abo Horira Keep Her To the Curve In Jordan?

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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers indicate that Brittany got a bit of a reprieve when Yazan’s Uncle assured her that you could not force anyone to convert to Islam. That was a good thing seeing as every breath out of Yazan’s mouth seems to center around conversion and how she needs to do it right now.

Knowing that Islam is not a religion if forced conversion wasvquite a relief and seemed to put Beittant’s mind at ease and even made her more open to converting to Islam. She went to a mosque wirh Yazan and even prayed with Yazan and said that she felt close to God when she prayed with Yazan, all good things. Then Yazan gave her an ultimatum, she has 3 days to make up her mind about converting or else their relationship needs to end.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Did your Uncle stutter, Yazan?

Wow. Yazan you just contradicted everything your Uncle just told you and lost any progress you may have made with Brittany. Brittany does not really consider herself religious, rather she says she feels spiritual. Even after having grown up Catholic she is not entirely sold on any one religion anymore. (I find that is a common theme among former, non-practicing catholics but that is neither here nor ther).

I’m sorry but Yazan is going about this entirely the wrong way, if someone expected me to convert to another religion within 3 days, love of my life or not, I would probably make a human-shaped hole in the wall and get on a plane is fast that it would make the guy’s head spin.

What I’m afraid of is that Yazan is trying to trap Brittany because his uber conservative parents wanted a pregnant bride yesterday and the moment they have the honeymoon he is going to try his levelest best to start pumping out babies ASAP, whether Brittany is ready or not.

It seems like Yazan and his family don’t so much want a new addition to their family so much as they just have something to check off on their agenda before they croak. I’m not saying that Yazam doesn’t love Brittany because he could, but whatever love he has for her takes a back seat to whatever conservative agenda that his parents have for his life and he expects Brittany to be on the same page that he is when clearly he has not been honest with her from the beginning. Way to go, Yazan.

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