TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Asuelu Pulaa Walks Out!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers finds that Asuelu’s family understands the American economy very well. Asuelu’s Mom, Lesina, has said that she wants Asuelu to continue in the Samoan culture and to take care of his family in the Samoan way.

She had the nerve to tell him that if he were a real Samoan man that he would have enough to feed his kids and take care of his family back home. Asuelo explained that in Samian culture if you plant Taro root on your property that you sleep for free in your own house but in America there is not that kind of economy here. You have to work for a living and right now things are hard to come by.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Asuelu walks out

Asuelu got mad when he had come over to the family home by himself to see his Mom and sisters. He brought everyone gifts and for a second it looked like his Mom was actually going to accept his gifts and maybe even his explanation about why he couldn’t up and send her $1,000 at the drop of a hat but she instantly shut that down and started harping on him about the money again. That’s when Asuelu realized that he could not talk to her and walked out.

Or at least he couldn’t talk to her while his sister was there. His sister let it slip that the only reason they let him.marry her was because they thought that an American girl could help the family (i.e. send more money) more than a girl from Samoa could.

His sister also talked trash about Kalani in front of Asuelu and said that because she was an older woman and he was a younger man that she was the one controlling him and therefore she was the reason they were not getting the money. I cannot say I blame Asuelu one bit for walking out.

The next day when they met Lesina at the goat farm, Kalani tried to explain it to his Mom that they could not give her the things they did not have but Lesina just came out and asked him where he was hiding the money.

Where indeed!!! Lesina seems to think that Kalani can use her income for the kids and the family and Asuelu can just forego all of his responsibilities and send his entire earnings home to his Mom and parents.

I get that she can’t work anymore but there needs to be someone else in the family that can help out because Asuelu has his hands full, stateside. I disagree with Lesina. I think there is more than one way to love your family across any cultures, but can Asuelu convince his Mom of this? Stay tuned!!!

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