Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Revenge and mistakes

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Telemundo Cennet spoilers reveal Cennet Yılmaz (Almila Ada) learned the horrible truth about her birth. Of course, she took it just as well as we thought. Actually, she took it even worse. However, Kaya Demiröz (Devrim Saltoglu) also took a situation badly, and it might just cost him more than he is prepared to pay. Here’s what happened, plus what you can expect for tonight.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Bad reaction

So, let’s start off with Cennet. As we mentioned last time, she overheard Arzu Soyer (Esra Ronabar) call her father a rapist, and that his actions are the reason Cennet exists. This was a harsh blow, and she didn’t want to accept it at first. It looks like Arzu actually tried to lie to make Cennet feel better, but it was too late. As hard as it was, the truth was too much to deny. We just didn’t expect her to behave the way she did.

Cennet rushed right over to Kaya’s house, then grabbed a gun she found on the living room table before going outside to confront him. She held the weapon on him as she demanded the total truth. You could definitely see where this hurt Kaya, but we’re not feeling too sorry for him. Later events show there’s zero redemption for this guy.

However, he does have luck on his side. Cennet spoilers indicate Arzu was following. She rushed in and talked Cennet down from the ledge. So, Kaya got to live. However, he also lost Cennet for good with this revelation. Like a lot of people on this show, he didn’t take that well.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Revenge

He decided to get revenge on Arzu for telling the truth. Because she stole his daughter from him by opening her mouth, he’s decided to take her daughter away as well. Only in a more final manner. You know, by having her car sabotaged.

He’ll regret that. Cennet spoilers reveal Cennet spent on evening with Arzu at the hotel. After, she went out on a walk alone, then made a huge decision. She wants to marry Selim Arısoy (Berk Atan). Today. He’s all for it, but Cennet had one thing she wanted to do first. She stopped by the Soyer home to speak to Melisa Soyer (Zehra Yılmaz), who reluctantly agreed to talk. They then got into Melisa’s car to head somewhere else for the conversation. As in the car he had tampered. Oops.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Elsewhere

Before that happened, Melisa was a busy girl. She showed off the pictures of Özlem Arısoy (Ebru Destan) cheating on Mahir Soyer (Hazım Körmükçü) to everyone. Then, she played a video to prove it wasn’t misleading camera angles. The family is furious, and Sema Soyer (Ebru Nil Aydın) has demanded that Özlem Arısoy get a test to prove that Mahir is actually her baby daddy. We can just see how this will go. We’re expecting it to be her other man’s, which will be the end of her.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Tonight’s teasers

As for tonight, Kaya’s actions force Arzu to make a choice in extreme circumstances. We’re expecting her to try getting in touch with either her or Cennet to warn them, or at least find out exactly where they are. We think she’s being set up to witness a horrible scene with one or both of her daughters seriously hurt. This family should get a preferred customer plan at the emergency room. Seriously. It seems one of them is always in some medical trouble at this point.

Meanwhile, Melisa’s intuition reveals the painful past of her mother. This should, in theory, make her more receptive to Cennet and more understanding of Arzu and her desire to have a bond with Cennet. Of course, that all depends on whether she survives the accident.

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