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NBC 'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: What's Next For Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso)? What You Need To Know!

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: No Plans For Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) To EVER Return To Salem

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers reveal that Kristian Alfonso confirmed that she had no plans to return to ‘Days of Our Lives’, “as others have done” she added. So, there will be no guest starring from Hope, in the future and as far as her conversations with producers have gone, there are no plans to recast the role.

That does sadden me, as we all would have liked to have seen Hope pop back in from time to time, but at the same time you have to respect her decision. So, what does Alfonso’s next chapter look like, exactly?

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: No plans for Hope to return to Salem

In a part of the interview where she seemed to get a little emotional she said that she wasn’t retiring, far from it, she was too young to retire, and that she would see some of the cast and crew again. Actually, that’s great news!

I mean, yeah we’re going to miss her over at DOOL, but at least we’ll get to see her and some of the cast members that we’ve come to know and love working together on different projects, and Entertainment Tonight even alluded to the fact that Alfonso may be moving to prime time!

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Oooh, the possibilities! 

So far, everything has been kept under wraps, but she has said in previous interviews that there are other projects that she’s definitely interested in, but due to working at Days’ full-time, did not have time to explore those options.

But now, with all this newfound free time on her hands she can explore the things that she didn’t have time for before. Since she’s obviously not done with acting, then we’ll get to see her play someone besides Hope for once, and to stretch her acting muscles as someone else for a change.

We’re all going to miss Hope Williams Brady, but we look forward to whatever Alfonso has next, because as she said in the interview she always likes to bring her best to every performance, and we definitely look forward to seeing more of her best. For 37 years, she delivered daily, on-screen, and now it’s time for her to shine in Prime Time. I can’t wait! Stay tuned!!!

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