Coronation Street Spoilers: Did Geoff Metcalfe Confess To Killing Elaine Jones In Last Night’s Episode?

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that fans were in disbelief last night, as it would appear as though Geoff Metcalfe all but revealed to Alya Nazir that he was behind the disappearance of Elaine Jones. Geoff was stunned to see his ex-wife return to the cobbles a couple of weeks ago, and was immediately panicking when it was revealed that she would be standing up in court supporting Yasmeen Nazir.

However, fans were stunned this week as it was teased that Geoff had gotten rid of Elaine for good. The two was argument behind the back of the Rovers, and later viewers saw Geoff taking the SIM card out of Elaine’s phone before throwing it away. Could this have been Geoff getting rid of vital evidence?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Chilling Threat To Yasmeen

Fans were stunned again last night as there was a tense altercation between Geoff and Alya. Geoff was trying to get into the restaurant that the pair of them own, but Alya wouldn’t let him. She insisted that while she is working, he should be nowhere near the establishment. Geoff didn’t take too kindly to Alya’s stance and was only warned off with the broom that Alya was holding.

Viewers were then in disbelief as Geoff effectively revealed that he had killed Elaine, and warned against Alya standing in his way. Fortunately, before the situation got too dire, Tim was able to take his father away. However, has he finally let his secret out the bag, and is it only a matter of time before Alya outlays these fears to somebody else?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Alya Asks Craig Tinker For Help

Earlier in the episode, Alya was trying to track down Elaine after she was believing that the worst has happened to her. She was trying to use her contact in the police to find out the information, as she called Craig Tinker to try and get the latest. However, Craig revealed that there was nothing that he could do to help.

Viewers are still hoping that Geoff will get his comeuppance, but will the murder of Elaine be the factor that leads to his downfall in the soap? It has also been teased that his granddaughter Faye could be the one to have doubts next, but will she be able to help her father Tim see the truth?

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