British Royal Family News: Prince George Knows He’s Already Different

British Royal Family News says that Prince George knows that he’s already different from the other kids around him, despite his tender age. Here’s what you need to know.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed that even though he’s 7 years old, Prince George already knows that he’s a little bit different than the other kids around him and certainly much more different than his two siblings, Charlotte, 5, and Louis, 2.

British Royal Family News: Prince George Knows He’s Already Different

That’s because he often gets taken away either to spend more time with their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, or for photoshoots with his father Prince William and his grandfather Prince Charles.

Nicholl says that the idea of one day becoming a monarch is being introduced to him gradually. She explained, “I think George understands, like William did from a very early age, that he’s different from his younger brother and sister and that he’ll have a different future,” she said. “After all, he gets taken away to do photoshoots with Her Majesty the Queen, so he must notice he’s been singled out.”

However, given his notably unique situation, Nicholl says that it will be quite sometime before he fully understands his position within the royal family. She said, “The true enormity of what his life will one day be isn’t something he’s fully aware of yet.”

What’s more, because Prince William struggled as a child to accept that he had “no choice about which path his life would take,” he’s doing everything that he can to avoid putting that same kind of stress on his son.

That’s why both he and his wife Kate Middleton are doing everything they can to make sure that their three children live a life as normal as they can while they are not with their parents at their royal engagements or public appearances.

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