British Royal Family News: Here’s How Meghan Markle Plans To Spend Her 39th Birthday

British Royal Family News says that while this year is probably one that Meghan Markle would love to forget, she’s still hoping to have a birthday that she will remember. There’s a new report that suggests that Meghan, along with her husband Prince Harry, are planning to ring in her 39th birthday in a very unique way this year. Here’s what you need to know.

With Megxit making international headlines, her ongoing battle against the Mail on Sunday and her father Thomas Markle Sr., the coronavirus and a book coming out about all of the tea behind the scenes at Buckingham Palace, Meghan could sure use a getaway.

British Royal Family News: Here’s How Meghan Markle Plans To Spend Her 39th Birthday

That’s perhaps one of the reasons why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are looking to take a short road trip to help ring in Meghan’s 39th birthday next week. Or at least that’s what royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight in a new interview.

It’s been a very stressful time for Meghan, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she does actually decide to just go on a road trip and have a change of scenery,” Nicholl said. “I mean, they’ve been at the house that they’re renting ever since early March now. They really haven’t been out much at all.”

“They haven’t seen their friends. They very much been in self-isolation and on lockdown, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she just actually needs a change of scenery,” she added.

Nicholl noted that particularly lately, “it’s not been an easy ride” for Meghan and Harry. “There have been court cases, now this explosive book which has really seen them come under fire — so, yeah, I would say the best thing is probably to get away for a couple of days if they can, and apparently that is what she’s thinking of doing, taking a road trip, possibly with Oprah and just getting some time out,” she shared.

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