Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: Popular series comes to the US

Univision Vencer el Miedo spoilers reveal this telenovela surpassed all expectations when it premiered earlier this year in Mexico. Now, with it’s run there concluded, the series is coming to the United States. Here’s why we think this will be another winner for Univision.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: Basics

So, Vencer el Miedo means to overcome fear. This series is all about that. Vencer el Miedo spoilers reveal the series revolves around four women of different ages. Each one is dealing with their own challenge, and must find a way to deal with gender violence and other problems in their home country. One woman’s story involves getting unjustly accused of murder after her boyfriend talks her into stealing a car. She’ll set out to prove her innocence after being released from a juvenile detention facility.

Meanwhile, other characters deal with trauma related to rape and abuse. One in particular is forced to confront her trauma when a co-worker at the public ministry harasses her. After her rape ruined a blossoming romance, she will fight back against this new abuser and try to make change. We’re curious to see how this one plays out. It sounds like there’s plenty of gripping drama to go around.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: The premiere/familiar face

The series will air on Univision starting at 7 PM EST on July 20th. Vencer el Miedo spoilers indicate we’ll also see a familiar face on this show. The part of Cristina Durán Bracho is played by Jade Fraser. You might remember her from the series Mi marido tiene familia. She played Linda Córcega Gómez on the series, which revolved a family in Mexico. Everything gets complicated when they discover her believed-dead brother is actually alive. He’d been stolen and left at an orphanage, where he was later adopted and began searching for his family. The following season saw them learning about even more family.

Univision Vencer el Miedo Spoilers: The motivation

Getting back to the new show, Vencer el Miedo spoilers indicate this is a joint production between Televisa and Population Media Center. They created this original story to entertain while also shining a light on real issues going on in the country. The hope is that this will create social change, although a Global Newswire release from February indicates that won’t be an easy task. The release pointed out that it will take a lot of time to know if the programming had any impact on social issues. Stay tuned for more when the series begins.

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