Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Attempted murder, fire, and confessions

Univision Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal Ricardo Reyes Alonso (Adrián Uribe) has been let in on the secret now. After a near-tragic moment, there was no other choice, really. Plus, we saw Renata Cortés (Lore Graniewicz) getting into the mystery more, while the Morales sisters took another blow. Let’s see what happened, plus what’s ahead tonight.

Como tú no hay dos spoilers: Foiled

First, let’s talk about that threat against Charlotte Burgos (Maria de la Fuente). Félix “El Bacalao” Cortés (Sergio Reynoso) tried to play innocent when she confronted him over the phone call she got. Yes, she is that stupid. But Bacalao was ready, apparently. He’d prepared a note that was supposedly a threat against him. Charlotte’s not buying it, thought. So, he obviously thinks he needs to deal with this. Antonio “Toño” Cortés Molina (Uribe) asked him not to take drastic action, but Bacalao lied and did it anyway. He had someone try to run her down, but it was foiled when Ricardo saw the car and pulled her out of the way.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Truth’s out

This plan backfired on Bacalao bad. Because of the attack, Ricardo pressed more and Charlotte decided to tell the truth. She told him there is, in fact, a guy identical to him out there. We’ll have to wait and see how he reacts to that news.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Investigating

As for Renata, she and Luis Ramírez (Carlos Said) are still trying to figure things out. Renata, however, has a theory. It seems she’s opening her eye more and more by the day about her father. She believes that these two guys are really twins. And Bacalao might be the reason that they aren’t together.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Hard hit

Also on Tuesday, Como tú no hay dos spoilers reveal the Morales sisters have a lot more to worry about than some potential curse that kills their men. Their restaurant at the market caught on fire, and it’s a mess. They’re not sure how they’re going to get things back up and running. But there might be something darker than some bad luck or a curse. Stay tuned weeknights to find out what might have been behind this latest tragedy.

Univision Como Tú No Hay Dos Spoilers: Tonight

The twin switch situation will continue to play a big part tonight, first off. Como tú no hay dos spoilers indicate that Ricardo knows the truth now—but he’s not the only one. Luis, obviously, had found out there’s a couple of look a likes out there. He’ll learn more tonight, when he discovers that Bacalao knows the twin. Plus, we’ll see some relationship drama tonight. It seems that Tina Rebolledo (Jessica Díaz) will get suspicious and do some digging to find out what Adán Orozco Campos (Juan Pablo Gil) is really up to. She’ll learn he’s a model, which might not go over so well. Yes, she won’t be angry about what he’s doing. At least, we don’t think so, given her dancing job. But, we do believe she’ll be upset he lied to her.

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