TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Larissa Dos Santos Addresses Deportation Rumors!

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers find that it looks like a decision might been made, and Larissa Dos Santos Lima is probably going to end up getting deported before she can get that green card. That’s right, her ex-husband Colt Johnson has decided that he does not want to financially support her any longer and that seems to be the deciding factor when it all comes down to it. Once they untied the knot, Colt decided that he was no longer financially responsible for Larissa and he went to court and filed some paperwork basically telling them so.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Larissa gets deported! Or Does She?

There is also the fact of the matter of Colt called the police and filed charges against Larissa several different times. That doesn’t look too good in the American Legal System which is something that she would have to deal with in order to stay in the country. So it looks like Larissa may be saying Adios to American Shores soon.

However, it may not be as soon as we think because it’s not a cut and dry deal. It’s not like the second this happens they just go and get an ICE Task Force to boot you out of house and home and put you on a plane. No, rather it takes 3-4 years and a lot of court dates to successfully get a person deported. The only thing that would possibly change Larissa’s deported status is if she got married to another guy, who had to be an American Citizen, and that would halt eis process. She may not have all that much time on American Shores, but a lot can happen in 3-4 years. Larissa does have a job and while that may look good in some cases, criminal charges do not. She still needs that extra insurance of getting married in order to stay in the US.

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Larissa Speaks Out

There is also the fact that right now, any kind of court dates that Larissa has could take even longer because of the COVID-19 crisis, also this system is backlogged anyway. So it looks like the odds are ultimately in Larissa’s favor, in 3-4 years (or longer) she could definitely find some dude to get married to that would end this entire process for her. However if time is truly not on her side then she would be the first of the 90 day cast to actually get deported. I suppose we’ll just see how things turn out won’t we?


UPDATE: Larissa Dos Santos Lima has taken to Instagram to squash the rumors surrounding her deportation. Answering a fan who posed her the question straight, she simply says: “It’s a lie”. So there you go. However, keep in mind that her status in the United States is still very much in doubt long-term unless she can find a serious solution. So although she is not getting deported right now, the possibility of the US forcing her to return back to Brazil in the future is still very real.

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