TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Eric Rosenbrook accuses 90 day producers of threatening him to get wanted footage

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers finds that Eric Rosenbrook of Eric and Leida Margaretha has some rather unsavory things to say about the producers of the show. Anyone remember how when he was first getting together with Leida that she and his teenager daughter, Tasha, didn’t get along? Well, according to Eric that did happen but a lot of the context of the fights was removed and the show was heavily edited, and eventually there was a restraining order filed against Tasha by Leida which still has an unfortunate affect on their relationship. However, David says of the show that producers are to blame for how the end product looked.

He says that a lot of the stuff that was done in context of the show, cannot be undone now, so they basically have to keep their relationship on the downlow and they don’t really interact much. He says that the Producers were the ones controlling the narrative and the story went in the direction they wanted to take it. Not the way that things actually happened. He says if they had allowed things to play out on-screen the way they actually did in real life, then it would have changed the whole entire story He goes on to say that while the show is not scripted, it is definitely produced, they create scenarios, which begs the question… how much of what we see is actually real anyway?

TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Eric Rosenbrook accuses 90 day producers of threatening him to get wanted footage

When asked if he thought he was treated fairly during the filming process he said that the producers treat you pretty fairly unless you don’t give them what they want and then they threaten you. He said that Producers were constantly telling Leida to bring up her energy because the story was so boring. And that filming days can be long and grueling because they will literally film until they get the reaction that they want. He says of the confessionals that they can go on for hours and that they will ask you the same question a billion different ways in order to get the footage they need. Wow, forget cops let’s let these guys start doing Police Interrogations it sounds like they have the art down pat. (I mean, set these guys loose on Lori Vallow somebody, please!)

Of any future 90 day episodes, Eric says that he is done appearing on the series. He said that when they were offered to go on Happily Ever After that they said they would as long as the producers gave them $5K each an episode and a new truck, and as it turns out that is just something that the Producers of 90 day will not do, so Eric walked away. His reply to that was, “Alright, cool. Leave us alone.” oof! Well, at least he knows what he wants. Stay tuned!!!

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