The World’s Smallest Woman: Does Jyoti Amge Have a Boyfriend? Jyoti Opens Up About Whether She Can Conceive Children

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The World’s Smallest Woman, Jyoti Amge has one of the most flirtacious personalities that I’ve ever seen, and she talks to boys on the regular. Just recently on her night out bowling with her manager Tim and her sister, she was seen flirting with a guy who asked her if she had ever been to an arcade before. The thing is, the guy in question seemed kind of into Jyohti herself, because of their meeting he said that while he did think that she was a kid at first, he quickly realized that this was a woman. Well, then.

However, as flirtacious as Jyoti seems, she really isn’t into the idea of having a boyfriend. She says in her culture that before a girl gets married she is subject to her family’s rule, and that after she gets married she has to live by her husband’s terms

Jyoti says that if there’s anything that she doesn’t want to do on this earth, it’s to live life by somebody else’s terms. Amen sister, I think that’s a sentiment we can all get behind! All she wants is a life that she can live by her own terms, and who can blame her? I would be scrambling for any independence I had too if I couldn’t even open doors for myself.

The World’s Smallest Woman: Why doesn’t Jyohti have a boyfriend?

There are also some unfortunate physical aspects to her condition which make dating difficult as well. She says that while technically she is 26, her body has not aged past the age of 3. Her body never developed into a woman’s body, she doesn’t have a cycle and that as a result she cannot bear children.

She says her life is too different from someone of average height’s for the relationship to work, and while that is sad for Jyoti, it’s realistic. Still, she doesn’t seem to be sad about it, I guess you can’t miss something that you never really wanted.

I think Jyohti definitely finds guys appealing, but she’s more focused on her own independence right now and her career. What she wants right now, more than anything, is to be a great actress and to have many more opportunities in the entertainment industry. I think with Jyohti’s personality and charisma, she has a fighting chance. Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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