Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Disappointments and desperate measures


Telemundo Cennet spoilers reveal Selim Arısoy (Berk Atan) got some difficult news to process. Plus, we saw Arzu Soyer (Esra Ronabar) on the verge of a desperate move. Plus, Cennet Yılmaz (Almila Ada) might be on the verge of a worse disappointment ahead. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus preview what’s up for tonight.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: “Truth” is out

Starting off, Selim had a bad night. He’s been convinced that Kaya Demiröz (Devrim Saltoglu) attempted to kill Cengiz Arısoy (Şencan Güleryüz), and told Cennet as much. However, when this whole topic came up around Nilgün Arısoy (Çiçek Acar), she couldn’t keep silent. She showed him the pictures. Needless to say, Selim was devastated to see his father killed Rıza Soyer (Ali İpin).

In a related note, we just have to give props to the writers and actors involved in this whole sequence. Because of the gunshot wound, Cengiz hasn’t been able to speak yet. He’s essentially trapped, and it was eerie to see him helpless to defend himself as Nilgün exposed his sins. Not that he can, mind you. But he still didn’t attempt suicide and he can’t warn anyone of the danger.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Change of heart

Speaking of the Kaya situation, Cennet was totally on Selim’s side initially. She, in fact, felt guilty about the situation. Cennet spoilers indicate she made it clear in this episode, too, that she doesn’t want anything to do with him over these suspicions, plus she can’t stand him keeping her own mother’s identity a secret.

Later on, Nilgün spilled the beans about those pictures basically being the suicide note. Cennet was horrified at possibly wrongfully accusing her father and tried to call him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get through to him. There’s a good reason for that.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Desperate measures

Also in this episode, we saw Arzu show another side to herself. She’s been so desperate to hide Cennet’s connection to her, that she turned into a horrible person we call Shark Eyes. But with everything that she’s learned over this season, she finally decided there is only one way to handle things.

Cennet spoilers reveal she wrote a letter to Melisa Soyer (Zehra Yılmaz), as well as one to Cennet. She left the one for Melisa with a maid, then went to see Mukaddes Yılmaz (Güler Ökten). Arzu asked to go up to Cennet’s room a moment, where she eventually left the letter inside Cennet’s journal. The whole scene showed a depth of emotion for her abandoned daughter we haven’t seen yet. We also saw her apparently take a drastic move.

After leaving the letters, she agreed to a meeting with Kaya. We only saw the beginning of this toward the end of the episode. But the way things were shaping up, it looks as though Arzu might be ready to make a huge sacrifice to keep both her daughters, and others, safe.

Telemundo Cennet Spoilers: Tonight’s teasers

Looking ahead, tonight’s episode shows that she will definitely take drastic measures to save others. We’re guessing she might kill Kaya, or take him down with her. Also, we’ll see Cennet get attacked, and Nilgün will do her best to keep Selim from complicating things more.

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