NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Victoria Konefal OUT As Ciara Brady On DOOL?

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NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers finds that just a day ago famed actress Kristian Alfonso who has played Hope Williams Brady on the popular soap Days of Our Lives for the past 37 years announced that she would be leaving DOOL and that she had filmed her last episode a few months ago, but is this a case of on-screen Like Mother Like Daughter? The rumors appear to indicate so! If that be the case then Ciara Brady will be leaving Salem as well soon, but what on earth will that mean for the popular supercouple, Cin? Well for starters I guess we can say goodbye to those future Cin Grandbabies!

So far there has been no indication that Robert Scott Wilson, who plays the other half of the supercouple, Ben Weston, is leaving. So that means Ben will be footloose and fancy free instead of living the life that he and Ciara were planning together with her. Oh boy. So does this mean that they’re going to break up? I mean it just doesn’t make any sense for them to actually go splitsville, storywise, since they’re such a good couple on-screen.

NBC ‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Victoria Konefal leaving DOOL?

Does this mean that Ciara is going to get a potential recast? That actually sounds more like it. Maybe Konefal is tired of playing the same character day in and day out and just wants to challenge herself as an actress or maybe she doesn’t trust the profession right now due to pandemic concerns (no one could blame her!), or you know, maybe the girl wants some ‘hazard pay’ and the producers aren’t willing to cough things up. Ahem. Can’t fault a girl for knowing her worth.

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I am going to speculate that either she got another, bigger acting opportunity that was not DOOL or that she is leaving because of COVID concerns. Both would be pretty valid reasons for not returning to DOOL. What’s her exit strategy? Well, there is always the old stand-by that The Cinship could sink and Ciara could just leave town with her Mom. An alternate reason she could leave town with Hope is if Hope got diagnosed with a life threatening disease and if she and Hope went to a place for experimental treatment then perhaps in that case if the door was left open for Ciara’s return then she would be the only one left returning and poor Hope would have succumbed to her disease.

Alternately they could go they action adventure route with both Mom and daughter ‘dying’ in a horrible accident and then Ciara showing up a few months later as a recast with another actress. Both of the latter situations could lead to recasts realistically since the couple is so popular and a lot of fans are not going to like this news if it does indeed turn out to be true. We can hope that she is just taking a few months off, but honestly I wouldn’t doubt it if ol’ Ben had to move on for good. Stay tuned!!!

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