Love Island News: Three Reasons Why Season Three Of Love Island Was The Best


Love Island news has had it all in the past, but every season brings something new to the table. There are new contestants, new challenges and of course new drama. However, very few seasons have been able to compete with the third season of the show, which remains one of the most popular amongst fans. But, which three moments from that season ensure that it is always ranked among the very best?

Love Island News: Camilla And Jonny’s Feminism Discussion

Camilla was one of the stars of the third season of Love Island, and one of the main reasons for that was due to her being completely unlike any other contestant that had appeared on the show before. Her job was bomb disposal in countries involved in conflict and she also reportedly went out with Prince Harry. However, one of the best moments from Camilla in the third season came when she clashed with Jonny about Feminism.

It came after Jonny revealed that he would be ‘emasculated’ if a woman paid for him on a date. Camilla taught Jonny that men have more opportunities than woman, before Jonny finally hit the final nail into his own coffin by revealing that he thought that men had fewer opportunities compared to women. However, Camilla got the last laugh as she ended up with Jamie, while Jonny looked a bit silly having a scrap with Theo during a recoupling.

Love Island News: Funny Moments Throughout

Season three was the funniest of all the seasons, and one of the best moments of all was when Chris Hughes somehow managed to completely misspell the name of Jason Statham during a game of Mr and Mrs. The boys were tasked with writing down the celebrity crush on the girl they were coupled up with. Hughes turned around his board with ‘Jason Staythumb’.

There were also incredible moments involving Stormzy, and one of the most awkward moments when Marcel kissed a new girl in Casa Amor during a game before realising that he was cheating on Gabby. The undoubted stars of the show were Chris and Kem, who’s budding Bromance captured the hearts of the nation. Honourable mention also to Marcel, who could resist telling the entire villa that he was in the Blazin’ Squad in the first two days.

Love Island News: The Drama

There was no season that was more dramatic. One of the biggest reasons for that was Olivia Attwood. She will go down as one of the best Islanders in the history of the show. The arguments that she and Chris would have would be heard from other Spanish islands, as she constantly changed her mind between wanting to be with Chris or Mike.

They, fortunately, managed to couple up in the end, which led to the famous scene including baby Cash Hughes. Other dramas in the season centred around Amber and Kem, who eventually went on to win the show. Of course, Chris was always there to do a bit of rapping to calm the mood.

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