Love Island News: The Three Stars That Made The 2019 Summer Series Of The Show Unmissable

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Love Island news indicate that fans have been left disappointed that there is no fresh season of the show this summer. However, bosses at ITV 2 have admitted that it will be back stronger next summer and will be bigger and better than ever.

However, with no season this year it is the perfect time to go back and rewatch previous seasons, and there were few better than the summer season last year. The main reason for that was the contestants, as there was someone for everyone.

Love Island News: Maura Higgins

The undoubted star of the summer last year was Maura Higgins, who had every viewer on the edge of their seat with every word that she uttered. Not only was she a boss when she walked into that villa, but she completely changed everybody’s perception of her. Everybody thought she was going to be loudmouthed and annoying, but she was anything but.

There was never a dull moment when she was around, which made her feistiness enthralling. She is also played her part in one of the most famous Love Island moments of all time as she viciously shut down Tom after claiming to the boys that he wanted to know whether ‘she was all mouth’. Maura was not impressed, and boy did she make him pay. She was the perfect Love Island contestant.

Love Island News: Ovie Soko

Ovie was only in the Love Island villa for a couple of weeks, but he was the contestant that we never knew that we needed. He was easy to look at, which is the first on the checklist for Love Island credentials, but he was unlike any other lad in the villa.

He immediately struck up a friendship with Amber Gill and was like her older brother looking out for her. There has never been a cooler contestant as he swaggered around the villa in his stylish hat. And, who could forget his iconic ‘message’ shouts. He may not have been in there for long, but he still made the villa his own.

Love Island News: Amber Gill

Let’s not forget, the show is all about finding love. That means that the undoubted contestant from the series was Amber, who had to overcome a great deal of stress before getting her prince at the very end. She constantly admitted throughout the show that she doesn’t open up to boys, and when she finally did, she was let down by Michael Griffiths.

He made the mistake of letting go of Amber and returning to the main villa with Joanna. Greg entered the villa in the closing weeks and was the answer to Amber’s prayers. However, it was really the public’s love for her rather than the couple that meant that they were crowned winners of the show.

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