Hollyoaks Cast Speak Out About Systematic Racism In British TV Industry

Holloaks cast members have spoken out about what they believe to be ‘systematic racism’ in the British film and entertainment industry. During a special episode of the Channel 4 soap’s Don’t Filter Feelings podcast, actors Richard Blackwood (Felix Westwood), Talia Grant (Brooke Hathaway), Trevor A Toussaint (Walter Deveraux) all opened up about their past experiences. Here’s what they have to say.

During the podcast, Toussaint noted that there is not one person of color in a position at Lime Pictures. He says that he has only worked with two Black directors since joining Hollyoaks in 2018 and also noted that there is not one Black producer that has worked on the series. He said, “Systemic racism exists in all strata of society, and television is no exception to that. Lime, who I work for, is no exception to this.”

Hollyoaks Cast Speak Out About Systematic Racism In British TV Industry

Toussaint added, “What is Lime getting wrong? They’re getting a lot of things right, but what are they getting wrong so that people of color do not feel they can apply to Lime for work? What is it that keeps those people out and when they are in, what is it that stops them from going up the ranks?”

Grant, meanwhile, added her concerns about industry tokenism. She said, “It’s amazing that there is a black cast and there’s all of us and there is that diversity, but I can’t help but feel that sometimes in the industry and life in general, they treat Black people like we’re disposable. They can capitalize off us without doing the real work behind the scenes,” the 18-year-old said. “The revolution will not be changed by diversity training or racism training. It will be changed by people changing their attitude, and the way the structural system works.” Blackwood, who hosted the podcast, added, “We are in the system trying to change it. We can’t go in guns blazing but we are firing shots.”

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