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EastEnders Spoilers: What Could Be In Store For Kat Slater When She Makes Her Long-Awaited Return To The Soap?


EastEnders spoilers have begun to speculate what could potentially be in store for Kat Slater when the soap makes its return. Viewers will be aware that Jessie Wallace has been off our screens for the past couple of months after being suspended after drinking on the set. However, she has returned to filming with the soap since the production restarted a couple of weeks ago.

It would appear as though Kat will be thrown straight into the deep end when she makes her return as there are a huge number of issues that could centre around her. Viewers will be aware that there could be immediate friction between Kat and Kush Kazemi, after Kat left her boyfriend high and dry when she revealed that she was leaving.

EastEnders Spoilers: Kush To Fume At Kat

Kush is unlikely to be best pleased with Kat after she left him in the lurch when she decided to leave for a few months. She admitted that she had something desperate that she needed to attend to. She didn’t really ask Kush to look after Tommy, she mainly just told him that he needed to.

He has done a decent job looking after Kat’s son, but has been forced to keep a secret away from Kat. Kush was told by Tommy that he was struggling in school, but begged Kush not to tell his mother. He has been true to his word while Kat has been away, but could she soon find out about the secret that her boyfriend and son have been hiding?

EastEnders Spoilers: Kush Has More To Answer For

Kush was also put in charge of looking after Kat’s mother Jean while she was away. It’s fair to say that he hasn’t handled that with nearly enough care, and the two have clashed with disastrous consequences over the past couple of months. Kush was adamant that Jean wasn’t taking her tablets, and then proceeded to hide them in her food.

There was near fatal consequences in doing that, as Jean was rushed into hospital. Kush needed to come clean about that he was the one that had hid the tablets in Jean’s food, and that led to a complete breakdown in the relationship between Jean and Kush. But, will Kat be able to repair their relationship when she returns?

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