EastEnders Spoilers: Tiffany Butcher Stunned As Keegan Baker Leaves Walford For Good

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EastEnders spoilers have revealed that there could be more testing times ahead for Tiffany Butcher as she is faced with a future without Keegan Baker. The couple have been through a testing period since the start of the year, as Keegan was arrested for a crime that he never committed.

Keegan was looking at prison time for the crime, and the residents in Walford slowly began to believe he was guilty. However, evidence finally surfaced that showed Keegan was really innocent, and those that didn’t believe him were forced to apologise.

Tiffany always stood by her man, but was left furious as he posted the evidence that proved he was innocent online to show that he was really no guilty. Tiffany was furious as it could have potentially cost Jack Branning his job.

EastEnders Spoilers: Relationship Begins To Crumble

That was the moment when their relationship began to fall apart, as Tiffany started to get too involved in Keegan’s business. Keegan’s business was severely damaged earlier in the year when a group of thugs destroyed his food truck. It could be argued that this only happened because Tiffany stood up for Keegan and abused the thugs that offended her boyfriend.

However, her determination to stand up to the thugs went against Keegan as they returned later in the day to attack his food truck. Keegan revealed after the attack that he never had insurance taken out on the vehicle, which meant that there was no possible way to save his business.

EastEnders Spoilers: Keegan To Leave Walford

The final scenes of that episode were heartbreaking as Keegan just let the pressure out as he started to cry while his mother was holding him. There doesn’t seem to be any way back for Keegan at present, and that could mean that he will be faced with the decision of whether to leave Walford for good or not.

Should he leave Walford, then that would mean the end to his relationship with Tiffany. She will likely be heartbroken by his decision, and that could mean that she could begin to spiral. It has already been teased that she may start getting involved with the wrong crowd, but will Keegan’s decision whether to stay in Walford have a damaging effect on his girlfriend?

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