EastEnders Spoilers: Could There Be A Heartbreaking End In Store For One Of The Most Popular Couples In Walford

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EastEnders spoilers have revealed that there could be a heartbreaking end for one of the most beloved couples in Walford. The soap is currently off air due to the BBC running out of episodes to air, but there could be a huge development in the life of one character when the soap makes its return.


It has been revealed that Karen Taylor could about to suffer heartbreak after the relationship between herself and Billy Mitchell becomes too strained. There has been a sense that a break up could be on the way for a couple of weeks, after Karen was preparing to leave Billy to start a life somewhere new with Kayden.


EastEnders Spoilers: Karen Makes U-Turn


However, Karen changed her mind about moving away from the area after having a heart to heart with Sharon Mitchell. The two were able to come up with a plan for the baby moving forward, which ensured that they were both able to spend time with him. Sharon decided to take her son back in the soap, but promised that Karen will still be able to see him as often as she likes.


For a time, it seemed as though that decision meant that Karen and Billy were able to move past their differences. However, their situation hasn’t been made any easier as Billy is getting more and more jealous about the relationship that Karen has with her ex Mitch Baker. But, could this ultimately mean the end of their relationship?


EastEnders Spoilers: Jealously Too Much For Karen To Take?


Billy’s jealously is getting too much for Karen, and could mean that it’s the reason why she can’t see a future with him anymore. It could be argued that Billy’s jealously is merited as Mitch is trying to get close to Karen at every opportunity and it shouldn’t be overlooked that he could potentially be trying to break up the couple.


Billy could be overreacting to the time that they are spending together, as Karen did knock Mitch back after he told her that he would move away with her. She told him that their relationship was done and that they were never getting back together. But, will Mitch continue to try and meddle in Karen and Billy’s relationship?

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