Coronation Street Spoilers: Could There Be A Fatal End For One Weatherfield Favourite Over The Coming Weeks?

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Coronation Street spoilers indicating that there could be a shock murder in the soap have continued to gather speed over the past couple of weeks. The rumours have indicated that Gary Windass could be the character to kill again, but fans are unsure about who Gary could potentially kill over the coming months.

There are a number of characters that are threatening to reveal Gary’s secrets, and these characters could be the ones that are in the most danger. Viewers will know that Gary has killed in the past, as he murdered Rick Neelan last year. However, since then, he has been doing everything that he can to cover up the murder and residents are beginning to get suspicious.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Gary Kill Laura Neelan?

One name that has been mentioned since making her first appearance in Weatherfield has been Laura Neelan. Rick’s ex-wife has been receiving money from Gary, with the Weatherfield shop owner revealing that it came from Rick. However, it could only be a matter of time before Laura finds out that Rick isn’t really involved.

Gary has been sending her money to cover up his murder, and that could come crumbling down should Laura continue to demand more. She will attempt to blackmail Gary over the coming scenes, and will demand that he gives her more money or she will go to the police. Viewers are already predicting that Gary could have another plan in mind.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Gary Kill Adam Barlow

Adam Barlow has been determined to get revenge against Gary over the last couple of years. He has constantly been breathing down Gary’s neck and is never too far away when Gary is doing something dodgy. Adam already has his suspicions regarding Gary’s real intention for helping Kelly Neelan, and has began to get closer to Laura to find out more.

But, will Gary sense that Adam is getting close and take matters into his own hands before the lawyer can put a case together? Viewers seem to think that this could happen before the end of the year as Gary gets desperate to keep his secret hidden. But, could Gary really kill again? All viewers will have their own opinions and you can leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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