British Royal Family: Prince William Determined To Keep Mother Princess Diana’s Influence And Legacy Alive

British Royal Family News says that Prince William is determined to keep his mother Princess Diana’s influence and legacy alive, especially now that he is taking on more work and royal engagements than ever before. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal editor and expert Nick Bullen says now that Prince William is taking on a more prominent role as a senior member of the British Royal Family, he is keeping in mind all of the things that his mother Princess Diana taught him during his childhood. In fact, he is determined to make sure that Princess Diana’s legacy stays alive, but that he will always keep in mind the important lessons and values he taught her when he was still a young boy.

British Royal Family News: Prince William Determined To Keep Mother Princess Diana’s Influence And Legacy Alive

“He’s a very 21st-century royal [but] he’s clearly learned a lot from his father and he’s been coached by his grandmother,” Bullen said in his interview with Fox News. “So all that heritage still sits with him. And in the documentary, you’ll see he puts duty first. The crown comes first, but you know, he’s married to a woman who is not the classic royal bride. She’s from a family upbringing that’s much more similar to a lot of ours. And I think that in itself makes him different.”

Bullen continued, “His mother had a very clear view of the sort of king she wanted William to be. From a very early age, he was out visiting the homeless. He saw his mother’s work with the disenfranchised. And I think he will be very forward-looking, but with a real sense of duty that goes with the crown. You see it in his mental health work at the moment.”

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